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New: El Pais Newspaper Has an iPhone App

El Pais – Spain’s leading daily newspaper – has launched an iPhone application that lets you enjoy a wide range of its content on your favorite mobile device.

It’s great to see more quality European papers bringing out iPhone apps (the UK’s Telegraph was another recent entrant in this area) and making it easier to access their content. Hit the jump for a few screencaps and some quick impressions of El Pais on the iPhone …

The app is laid out simply and much like other news and newspaper apps I’ve seen – with a bottom nav bar with buttons to tap to browse its various main sections. Those sections are: Home, Breaking News, International, Spain, and More.

The ‘More’ link gives a listing of the remaining main news sections, which include: Sports, Finance, Technology, Culture, Society, Editorial, and Videos.

I always love seeing a paper with a good sports section – and El Pais has certainly got one, that provides strong futbol coverage (of course) and some solid NBA coverage, of teams with Spanish stars and the league in general.

The Videos section had a little over 20 videos to choose from during my little look around the app. They covered a variety of topics – including today’s weather – and it was good to see lots of nice sport-related vids right at the top of the listing.

El Pais is a little slow launching – not terribly so, but I did get a screen saying ‘Loading content’ for a bit before getting to its main view, even over a WiFi connection. It carries some ads on most of its pages. They all appear to be from one primary sponsor and, like in the Telegraph’s app, they really do not detract from the viewing and reading experience.

I like this app, and I’m also just happy to see a strong Spanish language news provider hit the iPhone.

You can find El Pais in the App Store now (no space between the two words in the app name), and it is a free app.

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