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New: Cisco Network Speed Test App for iPhone

Cisco GIST iPhone app

Cisco “ one of the very biggest and best-respected names in the world of networking equipment “ have released an iPhone network speed testing app.

It ‘s called Cisco Global Internet Speed Test (or GIST for short) “ and it lets you test your WiFi or cellular (3G or Edge) connection speeds.

There are other speed test apps for the iPhone that have been around for a while, but none with a name like Cisco attached to them “ so I was keen to give this new app a try.

I ‘ve been using Cisco GIST to periodically test both 3G and WiFi speeds since last night.  It works well.  It seems just a little bit slow on returning results, but I am going by memory of using other similar apps quite some time ago, so that may be a false impression.  It ‘s not intolerably slow by any means.

The app will store your test results for you, so you can compare a current result to your past history. 

It also shows you both your own High, Low, and Average speed on each test, as well as the ‘World ‘ results for each of those “ so you can see whether your phone is falling within normal ranges.

My overall (early) impression is this is a good, solid app.  It doesn ‘t strike me as being miles better than others I ‘ve seen in this category “ but then again that Cisco name is probably going to carry it far regardless.

You can find Cisco GIST in the App Store now, and it ‘s a free app.

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  • khurr

    Does it also work on android phone??

    • Not that I know of – this was a pure iPhone app as far as I can recall.