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Michelin Guides Apps for iPhone Launched – Priced So You’ll Never Eat Out Again

Michelin Guides on iPhone

I ‘ve never actually seen one of the famous Michelin guides (to fine restaurants and other similar topics) “ but I know Gordon Ramsay talks them up lots when he ‘s doing his restaurant makeovers and they ‘ve got a big reputation in Europe.  You can check out their Wikipedia description HERE.

Now they are coming to the iPhone it seems “ with two apps freshly released over the last few days: MICHELIN Guide Restaurants (France) and MICHELIN Guide Restaurants (Europe).

Judging by those app names, there will be more to come in this series “ perhaps depending on whether anyone can afford, or feel happy paying for, these first two “ which are priced at $9.99 (for the France guide) and $18.99 for the ‘Europe ‘ app. 

At those prices I ‘d want the app to whip me up a quick sampler of the fine meals it covers and keep the wine glass full along the way.  So I don ‘t think these will be my intro to fine dining.

If you ‘re a huge Michelin fan and feel happier than me about the pricing of these apps, you can find them in the App Store now

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  • fiuza78

    “Pascal Rémy, a Michelin inspector, and also a former Gault Millau employee, wrote a tell-all book in 2004, claiming that Michelin had become extremely lax in its standards. He gave evidence that, though the guide claims to visit all 4,000 reviewed restaurants every 18 months in order to keep the guide up to standards, they are actually visited about every 3.5 years, unless a specific complaint had been made. Rémy’s employment was terminated. He brought a court case for unfair dismissal, which was unsuccessful.”

  • fiuza – I wouldn’t be shocked if that is true. Seems like they have far more competition now than they did ‘back in the day’ …

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  • E.Tanner

    I bought the iPhone Europe app and used it in the West Midlands as there is an abysmal lack of good places to eat in this region. It came up with some interesting new places and we decided on a Bistro called Ilra' Brasserie. Not bad I reckon it paid for the app. Staff friendly, food well presented.

    • Good stuff. Glad to hear it served you well 🙂

  • stefan

    i'm using the michelin europe app all the time and found it absolutely great. I'm traveling on business a lot in austria, switzerland, italy, france and germany and i must say, this app has often already made me discover gems in price/prefoamce ratio that i would otherwise never (or rather extremely unlikely) have found. I can't travel without it.