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Review: Zen Bound for iPhone

I was perusing the app store the other day when I came across Zen Bound. I thought I’d give it a shot, and bought it. The concept is simple, wrap string around a shaped block of wood, until it’s covered. Doesn’t sound too terribly exciting does it? However, the presentation more than makes up for it’s lack of explosions, gun fire, and what ever else is “cool” to you kids these days.

With an excellent visual aesthetic and an elegant score of music to accompany it, it’s clear time was spent in development of the game. The game play itself behaves as you would expect. Using one or two fingers to rotate the block, you wrap a piece of string anchored at the bottom of the screen around the block until it’s covered, or you run out of string and have to start over.

Now, with that said, the puzzles don’t seem overly difficult, which might be a turn off to someone looking for a harsh challenge. I also thought the game seemed short, but I never put the thing down while I was playing. So maybe that’s my fault.

In short. Zen Bound is a beautifully executed game that is very fitting of iPhone’s interface. It is slower paced puzzle game which might deter some. For everyon else I would strongly suggest taking a look at Zen Bound.

Zen Bound can be found in the App Store for $4.99

Images courtesy of TouchArcade.com

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