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How To: Edit Safari 4 Beta Top Sites

The new Safari 4 Beta has a lot of great and eye-catching features, one of them is Top Sites.

With the regular use of Safari, Top Sites will eventually learn the sites you visit and sort them into a cool looking wall of screenshots. By default, Safari will display Top Sites when you open a new tab (you can change that in Preferences > General) so you can have your favorites at one click.

Personally, i sensed the process slow and inaccurate so i decided to look for a way to add my Top Sites and lock them. I succeded.

To do it, browse to: User > Library > Safari > TopSites.plist and open the file, it will launch Property List Editor and show the following window:

Now you just have to double click each value to change it like the ones in the image and add your own Top Sites.

Let me know how this works out for you in the comments!

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  • renegade

    Why not just click “edit” in the lower left, and delete the ones you dont want.

    Move the ones you do, to whatever order you want them in.

    If you want to “pin it” just click the push-pin.

    When you move them, by default it will pin it for you.

  • renegade

    Also should add, you can add or subtract to the number of panels displayed during editing.

    Be sure to click “done” in lower left when you are finished!

  • ann

    when I pullet up the topsites plist it just brought up list in text edit. No property list editor was launched? And I’ve no idea how to add number of panels displayed during editing. All I’m able to do is search history and pin or unpin sites. Can anyone help me?
    Thanks in advance…

  • EronJonson

    Im confused. your on a macbook, and im on a macbook but these instructions are different, i get the code for the topsites.plist and you get a nice changable whatever. i hate this, ever time i go to a new website it puts it on my top sites, then like with facebook, i have a facebook login, my profile, and then the newsfeed, i delete all besides the login, because ima have to log in anyways whenever i click on the newsfeed one or my profile one anyways. but then it comes back. why doesnt this stuff ever work?!