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New: Free iPills App Helps You Track What Meds You’re Taking & Whether You’ve Taken Them

iPills iPhone app

iPills is a new (and free) iPhone app from Ilium Software “ the folks who produce eWallet and Apples2Oranges for the iPhone as well.

Here ‘s a little bit of background on how the iPills app came about, straight from the Ilium blog site:

So what is iPills anyhow? I ‘ll describe it by explaining WHY we made it. In this day and age it seems like everyone is taking something. From allergy and cholesterol meds to fistfulls of asprin and ‘little blue pills ‘, we ‘ve all got something we ‘re on. At the same time, we ‘re all busier than ever and when someone says ‘Did you take your pill? ‘ it ‘s easy to go ‘Um, well, maybe? ‘

Enter iPills! With iPills you can easily keep track of what you ‘re taking and when you take it (or miss it!). You can even email a history to yourself or a caregiver showing exactly what you took and when you took it.

Over the last couple of years I ‘ve gone from being a person who never took any meds at all, to someone who frequently has to “ and even sometimes has to take several things during the same time frame.  Having said that, I ‘m very happy that right now the only thing I take is a mixture of Chinese herbs (recommended by my acupuncturist) “ no ‘pharmaceuticals ‘.

In any case, an app like iPills seems very handy for anyone who is taking meds regularly, and especially for those who have to take various pills each day.

I ‘ve been giving the app a quick try this afternoon.  It lets you setup entries for any and all meds you ‘re taking, customize the appearance of each pill, and include times they should be taken and dosages (when applicable). There are tabs for ‘My Pills ‘ (where you edit / add your meds), Pillbox (a sort of overview of what ‘s been taken recently), History (just what it sounds like), and Info (on this and other Ilium apps).


So far, the app seems easy and straightforward to use, although I ‘m not over-keen on its interface.  I ‘m not quite sure what I don ‘t like about the interface “ I think mostly that the ‘Pillbox ‘ screen seems a bit awkward in its design “ and includes an ‘Any Tme ‘ section that I ‘ve not figured out how to get rid of yet.

iPills works well though, and should make it quite easy to keep track of your meds.  Ilium ‘s blog post announcing the new app mentions that they will consider creating a ‘Pro ‘ (paid for) version if the app is popular enough and if users let them know what sort of additional features would be appealing.

You can find iPills in the App Store now, and it ‘s a free app.

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  • fiuza78

    The problem arises when you take the pill and forget to update the iPhone! I like to write the days over the pill’s cartridge (or whatever it’s called)