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App Review: LightBike

I know how awesome was when you where a little kid watching Disneys Tron and thinking WOW that’s so cool! 

Well now you can make that long time fantasy come true, thanks to Pankaku iPhone Applications now you’re able to download one of the hottest games right now at the App Store simulating that your on a Lightbike like the ones on Tron, this game is so easy and simple, the controls are very basic.

It’s on two version the Paid and the Free version and here you have the description and the video demo from the Official Page:

Lightbike video demo link




LightBike is a 3D game application for iPhone. You drive the LightBike, which builds walls of light on your track, and beat enemies in cyberspace. Being easy and simple, LightBike excites you all!
How to play

  • Tap left side of the screen to turn left
  • Tap right side of the screen to turn right
  • Tap the center of the screen to speed up

Features of Lightbike free

  • 1 player mode (Easy mode only)

Features of Lighebike (fullversion)

  • Varied difficulties
  • 2 players mode w/ split screen
  • Multi players (2-4) mode w/ Wifi(LAN only)

Features on Later Version

  • Wifi mode over Internet



So if you get bored sometimes and all the games on your iphone don’t entertain you here’s a great option since it has a free version, that lets you play with no limits on the basic mode and is most probably that you’re going to buy the full app.

Here are the links to the iTunes Store for both versions:

Lightbike Full

Lightbike Free


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