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Hey Look – A Good App Store Decision!

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We ‘ve seen no shortage of dumb, often unfathomable, App Store related decisions (and non-decisions) from Apple lately, and done plenty of griping about them as well.

So it ‘s nice to see an App Store change that I think most of us can feel happy applauding. Today we got one of these, as Apple has made a very positive change to their application rating system.  Here ‘s a brief description of the change, courtesy of Marc at the Ilium Software Blog:

When we woke up this morning we found that Apple had updated the application rating system in the iTunes AppStore. Turns out they ‘ve split out ratings for the current version of the application from the overall rating for the application over time.

And some further good words from Marc on why this rocks:

This is great because users can now see what users are saying about THIS version, rather than getting hammered with outdated reviews that have no bearing on the currently released version. It also helps a developer recover from an unfortunate release that drew a lot of bad ratings (something we haven ‘t had to deal with yet thank goodness.)

Now “ as you can see from the above excerpt “ Ilium are iPhone (and mobile) software publishers.  So the change benefits (good) developers “ but it also should be a big benefit to us users “ as it means reviews are better organized and you don ‘t have to wade through as much irrelevant content in order to get to current information.

The Ilium blog post “ which is worth a read, and which you can find HERE “ also points out that there is still a lot wrong with the rating system.  For example, the fact that Overall Reviews (which are likely to be the most dated) are displayed first. 

I agree with all of Marc ‘s thoughts on this subject, and also believe there are a number of other ways in which the App Store needs urgent attention “ but today ‘s change is a good change.  Let ‘s hope we start to see more good, common sense decisions taken soon to continue improving things  

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