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Review: "Sponge" Mac Disk Cleanup App

I’ve had my iMac for a long while now. One big problem that I always run into is I delete the .dmg install files to programs on my machine. Sometimes the only way to correctly uninstall applications on your mac is to run the .dmg file that you installed them from. There has to be an easier way to do this.

Sponge is an application that allows you to easily uninstall and delete any files that are associated with any application that is installed on your Mac. The thing that I love the most about this app is how easy it is to use.

When you first open Sponge you will notice it finding all the applications you have installed on your mac. From this point you can select which program you wish to get rid of and it will prompt you to select all the files it thinks are associated with the application. This works wonderfully; I deleted a couple of games that I no longer played with a few clicks and there were files from it all over my HDD. Sponge does not stop at just uninstalling apps though…

Sponge also has a feature called “Sweep Disk Hogs”. This feature will do a full sweep of all the folders on your HDD, or any destination you select. As it sweeps, it will tell you which folders are taking up the most space on your Mac. This tool is very useful if you are running low on Hard Disk Space.

The final feature of Sponge allows you to find any duplicate files on your Mac and allows you to delete them right from the application. Out of the three features I found this one to be the least useful because it tended to find duplicates that weren’t duplicates at all (so make sure you look twice before deleting).

Sponge for Mac is available at sponge-mac.com. It is available for $26 (free trial available)  and I highly suggest it for any Mac user that wants to properly uninstall applications on their machines.

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  • Very useful indeed, and no doubt it’s worth to buy.