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3rd Party memory for Mac Pro could save you $1600!

Who has not been tempted to beef up their new Mac Pro to hold as much memory as humanly possible? If you add it during the purchase from apple it can be expensive, especially for the higher capacities. Now there is an alternative for your new Quad or 8 Core Mac Pros.  The folks over at Other World Computing have kits from 6GB and 8GB for the Quad core and from 8GB to 32GB for the 8 core models.

The 8GB upgrade is actually cheaper from apple but the saving really start adding up after that topping out at a whopping $1600 on the 32GB 8 core upgrade.

Here is a breakdown of the kit sizes and savings for the 8 core model:

If you just have to have the top of the line, it may pay off to do a memory swap your self and opting for the base memory on the 8 core Mac Pro. If you can manage to survive on just 8 or 12GB then it is probably not worth the trouble. Just have Apple do the work for you.

If any of you do actually drop the 5 grand for the 32GB kit send in some pictures, I want to see it.

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