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Apple exploring Magic Wand controller for Apple TV

This week, Apple did some patent filing and one of the new ideas to mention is their “remote wand” idea for the next Apple TV. This new remote would give the user precise control of the cursor on their TV like a mouse cursor on your computer using similar technology as the Nintendo Wii. It seems that everyone is jumping on the “let’s have a wii-like controlled device”.

Magic Wand idea for Apple TV

Magic Wand idea for Apple TV

This new conception of a remote for the next Apple TV is a great idea, but isn’t it replacing the Apple TV with a computer? Apple explains how the new set-top box would incorporate a keyboard application, image application, illustration application, and a media application. Why would I need an illustration app on my TV? Imagine trying to use the pen tool in Photoshop with the Nintendo Wii controller. Apple discusses how they could use the wand to allow the user to perform different types of movement with it to allow multiple types of navigation on screen. Apple’s chief operating officer Tim Cook said that “we will continue to invest in [Apple TV], because we believe there is something there for us in the future.” Read the full article at Apple Insider.

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