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Pinger Phone: Builds IM and Social Networks Into Your Phone For Free

Works on both iPhone and iPod Touch!

Works on both iPhone and iPod Touch!

Before I say anything, this is a must have app! Anyway, 2 days ago @pinger started following me on Twitter, which is how I found out of this awesome app. So what is Phone Pinger?, taken directly from Pinger Phone’s site:

“Pinger Phone is a new iPhone app that lets you upgrade your Phone application with IM status, social network feeds and more. Check your friend’s status then call, text, IM, mail, Facebook, MySpace, or Twitter from one simple menu.”

This app works on both iPhone and iPod Touch, the only features you’ll be missing on the iPod Touch are the phone related functions (voice messaged and phone calls).

The main feature of this app is that instead of wasting money on text messages, you can just send an IM to any of your contact’s cellphone, or even better, if they are online on any of the supported IM clients just start chatting with them. Also, for IM, a nice horizontal keyboard appears so you can type faster since there is more space between keys and also bigger keys (so if you have big fingers and normally press 2 at a time, this should help).

Horizontal Keyboard when you IM

Horizontal Keyboard when you IM

Pinger Phone can be found at the App Store for free, so you should really give it a shot, there’s nothing to lose.

If you want to know more about this app I would suggest going to their official site, where they have most of the information: Pinger Phone.

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