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Stream Popular Games To Mac With OnLive

If you haven’t heard the latest gamer news today from GDC, there is a new product/service coming soon that will allow you to stream popular high-end games on a entry level PC or Mac. OnLive is a service where you select a game you want to stream from your computer and within moments you are playing that game, no matter what your specs are. Can’t run Crysis without speding an extra $1,000 in hardware, no problem. OnLive streams the game from a server to your PC or Mac. There is also a “OnLive micro-console” to connect to your TV without the need for a computer. It is said that the micro-console can run Crysis, with all the settings up, with no problem. All you need is a fast internet connection, around 5MBPS. The way it works is basically this…

  • The “real” game is running on a server somewhere.
  • You press a button on the controller and information is sent to the server.
  • The game reacts to what button you pressed and the computer decides the next frame.
  • The next frame is sent to your PC/Mac/TV with virtually no lag. (yeah right)

There will be a beta of OnLive in the Summer, with a release planned for Winter of 2009. Stay tuned to the OnLive website for additional announcements tonight at 7:15 PDT. As of this moment, there is no details about pricing or subscriptions.

Check out the debut interview with Steve Perlman, President / CEO / OnLive Inc.

Part 1

Part 2

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