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Balloonimals – New iPhone App Is Big Fun

Balloonimals for iPhone

More and more ‘kid-friendly ‘ restaurants seem to offer balloon animal creations lately “ or at least here in Austin they do.  My daughter enjoys these a lot, and we ‘ve had some very fun and funny ones made for her at several different places.

Now we can make our own on the iPhone “ thanks to the new Balloonimals app.  This is the most ‘pure fun ‘ kids app I ‘ve seen come out for the iPhone in quite a while.

The app is simple and fun to use.  You blow into the microphone (or press the screen on a Touch) to blow up your balloon animal.  Once your balloon is inflated, you shake the screen to shape your animal “ each shake adds a little more form to your creation, until it ‘s complete.  Then you can tap the screen and watch your new creature interact with you in various cool ways “ from a dinosaur stamping his foot at you, to a dog scratching himself, and so on.


The balloon animals come in various colors, are rendered in 3D and look superb.  They also make comical (and sometimes fierce) noises as you tap on them.

Once you ‘re finished playing around with an animal, you can blow it up until it pops “ and then simply swipe through various balloon colors to choose a new animal to create.  There ‘s a small but fun range of creatures to choose from “ from the dinosaur pictured above to a unicorn, dog, snake, a very funny crab, and others (seven in total).  Here ‘s a couple more:



There is a Lite (free) version of Balloonimals available “ I ‘m not quite sure what it ‘s limitations (if any) are compared to the full version.

I like Balloonimals a whole bunch, as does my daughter.  It ‘s simple, big fun, and very well executed.  My only wish list items for future updates would be a wider variety of animals, and maybe even an ability to end up creating brand new ones based on some selections, or randomly based on your blowing and shaking efforts.

You can check out a great video demo of the app HERE.  

You can find Balloonimals in the App Store now for a price of $0.99. 

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