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Macworld Moves Dates in 2010

Macworld Expo will move to February in 2010. The start date is Tuesday February 9th and will run through to Saturday February 13th.

Supposedly the reason for moving the date is exhibitor complaints on timing. Exhibitor’s were stressed to make the January showings due to the busy holiday selling season,and had to decide whether to postpone product announcements until Macworld, or announce them for potentially lucrative pre-holiday sales. If they did decide to exhibit at the show the developers would have to rush to complete code, ship products to San Francisco, and travel for the trade show.  Not a good situation, for an indipendent developer trying to make a living.

Another reason  for the date change is Macworld would often times overlap, or come ridiculously close to being held at the same time as the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) that is held in January in Las Vegas. So if you were, say, a journalist you had to decide which one to cover or split your time between the two. Again, not a good situation.

We had all been wondering if Macworld would make it after this year, since Apple announced it would no longer be participating in the show. This is a resounding yes, at least one more year.

I suspect if 2010’s show does decently, Macworld Expo might survive, or even continue to thrive in future years. If not then next year’s Macworld may very well be the last.

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