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Self Control App Helps You Concentrate

Have you even been so distracted by your email, blogs, and YouTube videos that you get absolutely no work done at all? Maybe you should give this free application for Mac OSX a shot to see if it helps you concentrate on getting the important stuff done on time.

Self Control is an app by Steve Lambert that allows you to block access to websites and email servers. This allows you to still utilize the internet, but blocks you favorite time consuming websites. This app sounds like a great idea and I cant wait to give it a shot next time I have something important to do. You can download Self Control for yourself from Steve’s site.

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  • John

    Please make an iPhone version…! Facebook it too addictive!

  • Samantha

    Whenever I try to click Start, a window pops up saying either “Error -204: Could not write launchd plist file to LaunchDaemons folder.”

  • Nina

    Love this app! I’m with John – if this was available for my iPhone, I’d be be one of the first in line to download it 🙂

  • FJ

    This app is a lifesaver. PLEASE MAKE AN IPHONE VERSION!! thanks.

  • This app is great! Thank you!

    Make, please, version for iPad
    Good Luck!