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3 Point Skills Challenge – iPhone Hoops Game – Now Has a Free Version


Good news for fans of iPhone basketball games, on a great weekend for basketball “ there is now a Free version of the 3 Point Skills Challenge game “ called 3 Points Skills Challenge Free.

I ‘ve been playing the full version of 3 Point Skills Challenge (and will review it soon) “ and liking it a whole bunch.  It has that great combination of being easy to play right off the bat, but also being very challenging to get good at.

3 Point Skills Challenge lets you have a go at one of the most entertaining NBA All Star Weekend competitions “ the 3 point shooting contest.  If you ‘ve ever watched the 3 Point Challenge, you won ‘t need any instructions to get going with the game.  Just grab the first ball out of the first rack, jump and release at the right moment, and watch the ball swish through the hoop.

You have to get the right balance between going as fast as you can in each rack while keeping a good shooting rhythm.  Just like in the real thing, the last ball in each rack is a ‘money ball ‘ and gives you two points when you hit it.

The game looks good, and offers crowd excitement and reaction when you get hot.  It ‘s just good fun all the way around.

Here ‘s a description of what ‘s in the Free version:

What’s in this free version: – Quick Play mode including random selection of different players -Each player has a different shot rhythm, athletic ability and accuracy. See who ‘s the best and try to master different players! -Easy one finger shot mechanic.

And the paid ($1.99) version:

What’s in the paid version: -Choose from 60 different players, each based on real NBA players. See if you can figure out who ‘s who. Is it Shaq, or is it Kobe? -Additional play modes including Practice, Exhibition and Tournament for big-time re-playability -Play with up to 8 of your friends in pass-and-play mode!

I can honestly say the paid version is well worth its price tag “ but now with a Free version out there to try out, you ‘ve got to give this one a look if you ‘re a fan of basketball games on the iPhone.

Check the free version out HERE “ and let us know your high score 🙂

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