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Appledeco = Another Good Spot for Free iPhone Wallpapers


One of the things I like best about Twitter lately is that I ‘m continually discovering cool new apps / sites / services through new followers who represent them.  One of today ‘s examples is the Appledeco site “ which provides a large pool of free iPhone wallpapers.

The wallpapers at Appledeco do not seem to be done in a very high resolution “ i.e. they don ‘t look the sharpest in terms of quality “ but they are perfectly adequate for wallpapers I ‘d say, and what they may lack in quality, they make up for in quantity.  They offer nearly 5,000 free wallpapers, covering 34 categories “ ranging from sports / cinema / tv to architecture, nature, animals, art and, of course, babes.

The site is heavy on ads, but works well on the iPhone as well as the desktop.

It ‘s NBA Playoffs time so I nearly went with D-Wade “ but then I spotted the classic MJ shot above and the choice was made. 🙂

If you ‘re on the lookout for some new wallpapers, check out Appledeco HERE

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