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Twitterific 2.0 – 1st Impressions, Lots of Screencaps & Big Price Drop (for Premium Version)

Twitterrific for iPhone V 2.0

Twitterrific ‘s Big 2.0 update is out now in the App Store “ and the updated app looks just as great as expected

In the very early days of the App Store last year, Twitterrific was one of the apps I was most anxious to see and use. It had a big reputation right from the start “ having won an Apple Design Award at WWDC 2008, and having a much acclaimed big brother desktop app (for the Mac).

I grabbed it as soon as it came out and I was disappointed.  I just never liked it much.  Its very first version was buggy and unstable, and even when it got past that, I just never liked the feel of the app.  It felt ‘too clever by half ‘ to me “ like form had triumphed over function and even the form part didn ‘t float my boat.

Last weekend I saw a preview for Twitterrific ‘s major 2.0 update “ and I thought it looked great.  It looked a lot like what I expected the app to be back in the early days “ like the iPhone Twitter app for all other iPhone Twitter apps to be judged by.  For a long time, I ‘ve considered Tweetie to be that app, but the preview made it look as if Twitterrific might just match or even beat Tweetie.

Now the Twitterrific 2.0 update is out, and I ‘ve been playing with it “ a lot – for a few hours “ and my first impressions are very, very good

This Twitterrific really does feel like what I expected it to feel like last summer.  Like the biggest and best Twitter app around.

I ‘ve only just installed it a few hours ago, so these are quick first impressions of course.  I certainly won ‘t be giving up on Tweetie, but I can already see that Twitterrific is at least going to give it a very good run for its money, and may even displace it once I ‘ve got to know it better.

For now, here are some things I ‘ve noticed and like about Twitterriffic 2.0 so far:

Look & Feel:

It looks cleaner and more comfortable to me, in all its views “ including the start page (Sources – shown at the top of this post) and the main timeline view

Twitterrific on iPhone

There are now 3 themes to choose from “ I like ‘Snowy ‘, which is the sort of ‘medium ‘ setting (between the dark Raven background and the most basic look)


I love the different color background for each of the various timeline views “ your primary timeline, @ / mentions, DMs, favorites etc.  For instance, the Mentions page sports a lovely tan background


You can choose between 3 viewing modes for your timeline views “ I ‘m sure they have clever names, but I don ‘t know them yet, so I ‘m just going to call them Minimalist View, which does not show avatars and fits as many tweets as possible on the screen, SuperGiant View, which makes everything really large, and Normal View (the default), which is a nice compromise between the two and the sort of view you ‘re used to seeing in most Twitter apps.  They ‘re shown below




The inline browser is looking good too


Features, Features, Features

Twitterrific 2.0 has tons more functionality than I remember seeing in V1 “ as well as tons of clever little touches that make using it a pleasure.  Things like:

Multiple accounts handling and a view of Trends right on the main page


Profile pages for users look great and give you a lot of information, as well as the ability to follow or unfollow, block the user, and compose an @reply to them


A unique and super-cool feature is the ability to add a note to a profile page “ so you know why you followed this person, for example 🙂


There are lots of settings and options.  I haven ‘t even been through these much yet, but there are options like what action you want to take when you tap an avatar “ opening the author ‘s page or leaving it at none (the default) for example, or on a double or triple tap, and which external app to use for images, and much more


Oh, and you can choose to change the default ‘Via ‘ retweet format to the much nicer and way shorter ‘RT ‘ we all know and love.

The range of action options you have when you select and individual tweet, via a slick pop-up action bar, is impressive


Right from that one bar you can: check the author ‘s profile page, see all @replies to that author, retweet the selected tweet, open a new tweet with a link to the selected one pasted in for you, mark it as a favorite, mark or unmark it, or email it.

If you go to an @ message or a retweet, you can also use another very slick new feature “ to view a whole conversation thread.  I love this view “ it makes Twitter feel more conversational


It has a very nice bookmarklet (and easy instructions for how to set it up) for use with Mobile Safari.  Once it ‘s setup, if you ‘re on a Safari page you want to tweet about, you just tap that bookmark and it takes you straight into a new tweet in Twitterrific with that page ‘s URL pasted in for you


The Compose screen (for new tweets, replies, retweets) gives you all you need and more “ plenty of space to type in, quick buttons to switch between public, @, and DM reply types, a remaining character count, camera button for inserting images, and an ability switch the view so that you can see both the compose box and the timeline at the same time “ which makes it easy to tap to add further @ recipients, for example


There ‘s even a fun, Batman-style ‘Twoosh ‘ banner that appears if you post a tweet that ‘s right on the 140 character limit


There is a lot to this new version of Twitterrific.  Lots of little design touches that make it great to work with, and lots and lots of power under the hood as well.  I ‘ve probably only scratched the surface in this post, but I ‘m tired and I ‘ll look to do a thorough review when I have used the app longer, so I ‘m going to wrap this up in just a moment.

Lots of Help If You Need It

The last, but not least, cool thing I noticed tonight is a superb set of ‘Tweetorials ‘ that provide help and guidance in getting to know and using the app.  They are short screencasts on various topics to help you get started with the app and get to know its features better.  There are already 11 of these on a good range of topics, and it looks as if there are more sections and topics to come.  It ‘s obvious that a lot of effort “ a huge amount “ has gone into this 2.0 release – things like these helpful tutorials are a clear indication of this effort, and it should have a real payoff in terms of quality of user experience with the app.

Big Price Drop for The Premium Edition:

Twitterrific has two versions “ the standard one is free and shows some ads, the Premium has no ads.  I bought the Premium version for $9.99 (and feel fine about that).  Tonight the good news is that the Premium version is currently selling for just $3.99.  I have a feeling that may not last for long, and may be some sort of launch promo offer.  Whatever the reason, that ‘s a good price “ and brings it in line with Tweetie and some of the other popular iPhone Twitter apps.

The Update Is Pretty Damn Good Then?

The update is great.  I ‘m very impressed with Twitterrific 2.0.  For me, this is Twitteriffic living up to its heavyweight reputation, and then some.  You can find it in the App Store now

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  • I just try that new version and it's much better, has faster scrolling (that was annoying before) and nice new features. I gonna use this in side of Twitterfon 🙂

  • where're the groups? Am I the only one that thought this was gonna be part of the next generation Twitter feature set?

  • patrickj

    krisu – glad to hear you're liking it as well 🙂

    mikelite – I'm not a user of groups – but I did notice this workaround in a tweet from Mantia (one of the IconFactory guys) last night: http://tinyurl.com/r6wkdu