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‘Crap Apps’ – and KRAPPS – Featured in a Video by The Wall Street Journal


It ‘s been a KRAPPy weekend for me.  Not a crappy weekend by any means, but a weekend full of KRAPPS.  KRAPPS is an iPhone site that I ‘ve been following for a while.  They offer a scathing, humorous take on a lot of the real dross apps that make it into the App Store “ the crap apps we ‘re all so familiar with – as well as the occasional look at a non-crap app.  They ‘re also the guys who first broke the horrible Baby Shaker app story a few weeks back.

Friday night I got chatting with Alex, who runs their site “ and found we have some things in common and some similar views on several iPhone-related topics “ and that he ‘s just a nice guy as well. 

Also this weekend, Alex and KRAPPS are featured in a Wall Street Journal video “ an episode of the ‘Tech: Jordan ‘s Diary ‘ series.  The video talks about the success and proliferation of crap apps “ and features some examples.

You can check out The WSJ ‘s look at the world of crap-apps HERE

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