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Latest Charming App Store Trend = Stupidly Long App Names Packed with Keywords


What will they think of next, those ever so clever iPhone developers who help make the App Store such a wonderful place.  We already have the devs who produce dozens of apps that all do essentially the same thing but manage to occupy 10 screens in iTunes “ see this Hall of Shame worthy developer featured at KRAPPS last week as an example – and we have those that throw the name of every best-selling game or app into the description page for their app, so that searches for genuinely popular apps will be horrendously clouded by dross results.

Now we have another brilliant innovation that ‘s sure to bring even more useless and frustrating search results to all of us, and help make it harder to find good apps “ the stupidly long app name, packed with keywords.  Just in case you can ‘t see the screencap well, the name of the app is Amateur Bikini “ Girl, girls, sexy, bikini, bikinis, beach, teen, teens, fun, photo, photos, adult, picture, pictures, amateur, amateurs, humor, best, sex, cool, core, top, popular, most.

Of course, this app is just one example.  In just a few minutes this morning, I ‘ve come across several examples of this naming tactic, such as:




All three examples in this post are from a publisher called McApps “ but I ‘ve spotted others with similarly stupid names from other publishers as well.

Marvelous.  Let ‘s not just make crap apps, let ‘s keep working harder to ensure only crap apps show up in search results.  We already know that a standard App Store search includes both title and descriptions for apps, and often returns awful and irrelevant results because of misuse of keywords within app descriptions.  I ‘ve recently mentioned that I like the ability of the AppMiner app locating app to search by title only “ cutting out some of that keyword abuse in app descriptions. 

If the stupidly long app name approach catches on, and is allowed to continue by Apple, then that will eventually defeat the usefulness of a title-only search.

So here ‘s my addition to the App Store wish list for today: I ‘d love to see Apple ‘s crack team of app reviewers (who can spot a profanity from up to a mile way from a streamed song within an app) start thinking about what constitutes ‘objectionable ‘ within an app ‘s title and description. 

I find it objectionable when apps are intentionally misleading in either of these places, or when they are attempting to game search results.  In fact that ‘s much more offensive to me than some profanity within a song.

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