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Ilium Shares The Latest on eWallet for Mac & ListPro for iPhone


Ilium Software ‘s blog has a good post up today, which provides the latest news on the status of eWallet for Mac and ListPro for iPhone.  It ‘s not good news for those anxiously awaiting release dates for these products, but it is a very open and straightforward post that continues Ilium ‘s tradition of good communication on this and other subjects.

Just to provide a little potted history on this subject, here ‘s the story so far in a nutshell:

  • eWallet has a history of many years as an award-winning password manager app on many mobile platforms and has already garnered ‘Best App ‘ awards and much popularity on the iPhone.
  • Many of us who are Mac users have been anxiously awaiting a Mac version of eWallet ever since it launched so that we can sync wallets without the need to do so via Windows
  • ListPro is a popular list management app for many mobile platforms and one that fans of it are hoping will come to the iPhone soon. 
  • Marc Tassin, Ilium ‘s Product Manager, has posted in the past on their blog and announced that these products were coming, and even provided some guesses on when they might be released.  For my money, he always made very clear these were merely guesses and not promises or commitments, but some folks have not taken them that way.  I ‘m pretty sure one of those guesses about release times was that eWallet for Mac would possibly launch in the first half of this year “ and of course there are only a small number of days left before that timeframe expires.

OK, that ‘s some background.  Here ‘s the heart of today ‘s update from Marc:

ListPro for iPhone and eWallet for Mac are not done yet. I ‘ve made some guesses about when they ‘ll be done but, frankly, they ‘re guesses. The reality is that we won ‘t release them until they meet the standards of quality we ‘ve set for ourselves. We WILL release them (we always finish what we start) but it will be when they are ready and not before.

Marc goes on to take it on the chin and admit that pre-announcing these products was a mistake, and something the company has not done in the past.  I don ‘t agree on that.  I know that doing so has caused them a s***storm of complaining from impatient users, but I still credit Marc and Ilium for their clear and consistent communication on these subjects. 

Am I impatient and keen to see eWallet for Mac?  Definitely “ but I can respect the reasons Ilium has for holding off its release until they feel it is ready

But no matter how hard it is for me to not release this stuff yet, I will not compromise on quality. I also won ‘t hack the products down to get them out sooner. If I can ‘t give you the features you need then I ‘m not going to waste your time. Until we have the very best product with the right features, I won ‘t release.

Marc ‘s also a realist on these subjects, and mentions that he is well aware that some users will choose not to wait on ListPro for iPhone and / or eWallet for Mac “ they ‘ll find other solutions. 

I ‘ve never been a big user of list-making apps, so I ‘m not waiting on ListPro as I don ‘t have any great need for it “ but eWallet is another story.  It has been my favorite password manager app for years and I am one of those who has adopted another iPhone wallet solution “ 1Password – that offers me wireless sync with my Mac.

Honestly though, I have two main reactions to Marc ‘s post and update today.  Firstly, it has made me feel a little *more* loyal to Ilium and eWallet, as I admire the fact they ‘re still tackling this subject head-on and not hiding from it.  Oddly, this has even served as a good reminder for me of just how much I like eWallet.  1Password has served me quite well, but I ‘ve not yet come to enjoy it (or rate it) as highly as eWallet.  I don ‘t mind when eWallet for Mac is released, I just really hope it has an ability to import from 1Password.

The other thing this has made me think about is, again, how badly we need an effective backup solution for the iPhone “ but that ‘s another post (coming soon).

Anyway, enough of my rambling on this “ if you ‘re an Ilium / eWallet / ListPro fan, you should go check out Marc ‘s post HERE

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  • First I greatly applaud them announcing these. It lets us know that they are listening and acting. If only some companies (COUGH COUGH APPLE COUGH) would open up once in a while and let us know what's coming.

    Second… eWallet is not going to win me back on OS X unless it offers browser integration like 1Password. I love eWallet – but the browser integration in 1Password is the killer feature. I don't have to remember and better yet type in those insane passwords.

    Third… I make lists. While I'd love to see ListPro on the Mac/iPhone its not worth it if its going to be half baked so if its not Mac & iPhone I won't bother.

  • David Livingstone

    I've purchased eWallet for iPHone immediately it hit the iTunes store. I've been waiting forever for the OS X version, and have been using an interim product SplashID. The latter product keeps improving to the point that today is my last day looking for eWallet for Mac OS X. Sorry Ilium, it can't have been that hard and I think you've missed the market.

    • I can feel your pain. I'm a huge eWallet fan and a Mac user. I currently use 1Password because of its wireless sync to the Mac – but I will give eWallet a good shot whenever Mac sync comes along, as there are still things I miss about it and that I've not seen any other app do as well.

  • vic

    Month after month I keep looking for eWallet for the MAC and finally like others, I'm saying goodbye to eWallet. Too bad really, great app over the years! Hello 1Password!

  • Indy

    I am afraid that I am about to leave eWallet – http://www.iliumsoft.com/site/ew/ewallet.php as well. I have waited since autumn 2008 and all we hear is that “it is close”. Iliumsoft is really doing all that it can to help grow 1password’s business by it’s empty promises.

    • I think 1Password probably has benefited greatly from this. I've been using it and growing more and more fond of it. The latest desktop version is very nice indeed. I think a crucial factor for me when eWallet brings a Mac version out will be whether it can import data from 1Password. I've mentioned in other posts recently, the idea of re-entering my data manually at this point is a real non-starter for me.

  • Dan

    I agree that 1Password must have benefited tremendously from the lack of osx support for eWallet. eWallet was great while I was on a PC, but this sums up my experience as well:

  • Andrew

    Is there any word at all on a release of ListPro for iPod Touch/iPhone ?