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Updated iPhone Apps: IM+

IM+ for iPhone update

IM+ “ one of the three leading instant messaging apps for the iPhone that ragart and I recently compared “ has just had a pretty major update released.  The new version number is 2.2 (though the app is now titled IM+ 3.0).

The two headline additions in this update are Skype chat and support for Twitter.  Also added are: separate notification settings for Twitter, ability to set your own status messages and geo-statuses, separate group for offline contacts, an embedded browser, and Favorites.

IM+ certainly continues to pack in the features.  I ‘ve only had a very quick look at it after installing the update.  I ‘m not sure how I feel about the Twitter integration as yet “ mostly not interested within the app ‘s current interface I think “ though having Skype chat available is definitely handy.

This update is available now, and should be showing up in your Updates tab if you own IM+.

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