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More Details Released about Apple's Snow Leopard Up-to-Date Program

As promised, Apple released more information in regards to their Up-to-Date program. The details originally released stated that anyone purchasing a Mac after June 8th with Leopard install could qualify for a $9.95 upgrade to Snow Leopard when it ships in September.

Today’s details provides lists of new and refurbished Macs that qualify for the upgrade. These upgrades require that customers submit a completed order form within 90 days of the computer purchase date or by December 26th, 2009, whichever comes first.

There are also two options for customers with multiple qualifying Macs on one order. First, customers can buy an upgrade kit at $9.95 for each system. The other option is to buy a single upgrade kit at $9.95 and and request a “Right to Copy” license at no cost. You cannot purchase more upgrade kits than number of qualifying Macs on your order.

Lastly there is a very similar option for customers puchasing Xserves. This upgrade will also only cost $9.95 plus tax, for each qualifying Xserve on the invoice.

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