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New iPhone Apps: MapQuest 4 Mobile

Mapquest 4 Mobile on iPhone

I have a terrible sense of direction.  When I was doing IT consulting at client sites “ going to several different clients each day “ I was famous amongst my colleagues for getting lost “ usually quite badly and ridiculously lost.  MapQuest and Yahoo Maps were my good, good friends back in those days.

This week, MapQuest has hit the iPhone “ with the launch of MapQuest 4 Mobile in the App Store.  I ‘ve been playing with it just a little, and like it so far. I haven ‘t spent enough time with it to compare it properly to the built-in Maps app yet “ but for now it seems different enough and offers some interesting features.

Here a partial feature listing, per its App Store page:

  • Save maps and routes on MapQuest.com and retrieve on your iPhone
  • More useful driving directions featuring an oversized display as well as landscape mode orientation
  • New MapQuest place carousel allows you to easily display locations for hotels, movie theaters, gas stations, and more with a single tap
  • ‘Find Me ‘ feature that utilizes iPhone GPS to plot your approximate location on a map
  • Follow your route in map or list mode
  • Free-form search for businesses and places

The two features that stood out for me right away in using the app a little are the place carousel / place markers, and the super easy driving directions.  The place markers let you choose to show/hide each category of place easily via one tap “ so you can see just hotels, or hotels and restaurants, or hotels, restaurants, and gas stations quite easily depending on what you ‘re after at any given point in time.  This feels like it will come in very handy, around town and on longer trips.

I love the driving directions that are made even simpler than usual.  In landscape mode, you get a full screen showing one step in the directions at a time. 


I like that MapQuest has a few tricks up its sleeve that are not in the built-in Maps app.  I ‘ll definitely be keeping it, using it, and finding out whether I prefer it to Maps.

You can find MapQuest 4 Mobile in the App Store now, and it ‘s a free app.

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