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iPhone 3.0 App Updates Coming Along Slowly So Far


It feels to me as if app updates for the new iPhone OS 3.0 are coming along at quite a slow pace so far.  Others ‘ mileage may well vary, but I have 10 screens worth of apps (over 160 apps total), including some fairly well-known and popular apps, and so far I ‘ve only seen around eight apps with 3.0 related updates.

I thought that given that the new OS was previewed 3 months ago, and all the hoopla surrounding it, and the wealth of new features in the 3.0 SDK, that we ‘d be seeing a flood of updates leading up to and following the new firmware release. Figured lots of devs would be adding notifications, in-app email, built-in maps, in-app purchase, and assorted other 3.0 goodness.

I still expect we ‘ll see tons of these updates “ I ‘m just surprised they ‘re not getting pumped out more quickly “ or maybe they are and the hold-up is at the Apple approvals end.

What do you all think?  How many 3.0 related updates have you seen so far?

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  • Bror

    I guess I've seen about 5 updates recently and I have around 80 apps.
    I seem to remember getting 3.0 updates as far as two or three weeks back, though.
    Anyway, I guess Apple must have a lot of updates to approve right about now.

  • I think the approval floodgates would open once Apple is done with the OS 3.0 bottleneck. They probably didn't want the app updates by everyone adding to their woes.

  • Jim

    Only a couple out of 118 apps and the feedback that I've gotten from developers (I am not one) is that Apple is the bottleneck and it is taking weeks to get things pushed out (and sometimes longer with silly rejections.) It appears that Apple has created a monster that it has lost control of.

  • Bror, K, JIm – I agree – think hold-up is likely at Apple's end. Hopefully we will see lots more come flooding through once the 3.0 download frenzy eases and he 3GS launch is done and dusted. Then we can all happily start paying for extra weapons within games and all that good stuff 🙂