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How To: Show The Battery Percentage Indicator On iPhone 3GS

show battery percentage on iPhone 3GS 

Here ‘s another very quick, basic tip for any of you who are iPhone 3GS owners.  It ‘s one that is very simple, but took me some time to come across, because it ‘s slightly buried in the Settings app “ how to make the battery percentage indicator show up in your status bar.

To make the %age indicator show up “ just alongside and to the left of the standard battery indicator “ just go to Settings > General > Usage “ and toggle the Battery Percentage setting to On.

A small, simple setting that I ‘m very glad to see on the 3GS.

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  • I have this on my iPhone 3G ………as well I had it before the 3.0 update
    here's a screen shot of mine just follow the link below:


    • Nice screenie, and some nice apps there too. πŸ™‚

    • h

      What theme is that

  • Steven Buehler

    Not available on my 3G in the U.S.

    • It's a 3GS only feature – which is a little absurd IMO – unless you are jailbroken.

  • I don't have that on my unlocked 1st-gen on 3.0. I also don't have the option to "hide" default apps, which I read about here: http://iphonefreakz.com/2009/06/18/undiscovered-f

    basically says there should be a "more" tab on the app store to help you hide certain apps, since you can have more apps than the 11 homescreens can show. Strange thing to not include on 1st gens. So many weird kinks to this upgrade.

    • If you have a jailbroken phone, there should be apps around that let you add the battery %age meter.
      The 'More' tab in the App Store did appear during the last beta, but I do not see it anymore in the final 3.0 build.
      As for the hiding, there was never a setting that helped you do that – the article you linked seems to suggest that you can end up hiding built-in apps by placing them on a last screen and then going beyond the maximum 11 screens of apps …

  • Jailbreak and then enable it in the newest version of SBSettings (might also be available in BossPrefs)

    • Phossil – thanks for the reminder on which apps will do this for jailbroken iPhones. Of course this is not possible on the 3GS yet, as there is no jailbreak for it as yet.

  • I did a video showing how to do this as well:

  • Well done on the video – thanks for sharing it!

  • kev – I think that sounds like 'leftovers' from using something like Make It Mine or similar when jailbroken. I've never experienced that (or used that app) but have seen many folks report seeing remnants like that even after full restores.

  • kongjie

    "Usage" is an odd name for something that allows configurable preferences. I never would have found the percentage option without reading this.

    • That's exactly what I thought – they sort of buried it in my view. πŸ™‚

  • Dee

    I have an iphone 3G and i don't have the option to show battery percentage. Do I have a bad phone?

    • No you don't – this feature is specific to the iPhone 3GS – ridiculous but true.

      • but you can still hae it on iphone 3g or 2g or any ipod touches
        1. just go to cydia
        2. then go to search
        3. then type "Battery Control" (without quotes)
        then just go to home screen and just tap on battery
        then you should have it

        and go look at my blog for more details

  • I have two original 2G phones that were once jailbroken (with Boss-Prefs enabled) and later un-jailbroken. After updating to 3.01, one emerged with a percentage indicator and option while the other didn't. Neither have an available toggle setting under Usage.

    • That must be a 'leftover' from the previous jailbreak on that phone. The %age indicator is not available on stock models of the 3G or 2G iPhones.

      • BRI

        Definte leftover from jailbreak and using boss -prefs or SBSsettings. Just jailbroke and then un-jailbroke after installing sbssettings and my 2g iPhone now has the battery % viewable… though I can't get rid of it.

  • Karim

    have a 3GS 3.1.2 and this option (toggle battery percentage on or off) doesn't exist at all on my phone!!??

    • You should see it under Settings > General > Usage. I've not heard of it disappearing via jailbreak or any method – it should just be there.

  • Nikhil

    Thanks. Well hidden setting

  • kate

    thank you my mum was very happy.

  • Joe

    Much appreciated! Excellent tip – I spent a while trying to find it and never once thought of the usage selection. Thanks!

  • Karthik

    Your tip was enlightening. I was searching desperately. Your tip was easy. Thanks buddy

  • Craig W

    Cheers Knob

  • Joyce

    Thank you!

  • Kelly

    thank you so much (: !

  • Diasty

    thank you

  • Lady PT

    Mine just disappeared all of a sudden – very irritating! Thanks for posting the solution.

  • Simon

    Thanks! That really helped. I recently had to wipe the phone clean, and lost the percentage display.

  • Newbie

    Thank you….

  • Pam

    Thank you! Such a silly thing to miss but I love seeing the percentage left. Thanks again!

  • Mike

    Saved me! I almost bought a battery app

  • Karui neko

    unfortunately I bought a battery app -.-‘
    WTH is it under usage?! Awell thanks πŸ™‚

  • Christina

    It took me forever to find it!!! I was like 10 minutes on my phone opening everything I could think of. I swear I was on that page like a few times. Anyways, this really helped a lot!!! Thanks πŸ˜‰

  • Susan

    I have a old 3GS I use as an iPod and unless I’m too lazy to look through all these replies or I’m cray-zay, my phone doesn’t have it either. :/

  • thanks, that did it!

  • Rony

    This was so easy and straightforward. Thank you sooo much.

  • Ahh, I looked forever trying to figure this out. Would have never guessed under usage! Thanks so much!

  • Stac

    Thanks so

  • nate

    During some situations, like I did, you can literally jailbreak the f— out of your ipod or iphone and even after i updated to 5.0 i still have battery percentage.

  • kirsty

    I’m pretty sure after reading all of this i have an iphone 3G, but i was wondering where do i find the cydia?

  • Natasha

    Thanks very much for providing a quick and easy solution. My daughter managed to park my iphone, so i had to reset all settings, and lost the battery percentage icon. Now its fixed and she’s banned from it. πŸ™‚ Cheers.

  • Lindsay

    I have been debating on jail breaking my iphone 3. I had the 3gs and had many more options, but that one broke. What’s your thoughts on jail breaking? Will I actually be able to do the things I could on the 3gs?

  • Aaron

    Thank you sir!

  • Darci Shook-Woolley

    Thank you! I figured it had to be somewhere in settings, and you made it easier and quicker to find.

  • _sa

    Thank you!
    I had found this simple, CONVENIENT, setting on my original 3GS. But when it died and I moved into wife’s old one, I couldn’t find the setting point.
    I knew it wasn’t an app. Was getting frustrated, battery getting old, when I did a search (duh) & found ur site. Tnx Agn _sa