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Shazam Updated – Now Sends Tagged Songs to Twitter, Shares Songs as Postcards & More

Shazam app for iPhone

Shazam has been one of my ever-present and favorite apps ever since it came out in very early App Store days.  It ‘s also been hugely popular since it first appeared, one of those ‘wow factor ‘ apps that folks love to show off to their friends.

It ‘s just had an update “ to Version 1.7 “ and, in addition to making it 3.0 compatible, it has added a few very cool new features.

Shazam on iPhone

The two new features that most caught my eye are:

— The ability to send a ‘postcard ‘ of your tagged songs to a friend, via email.

— The new Tweet This feature “ which lets you tweet artist and track details to Twitter


Other new features include using location (if you allow it) and seeing your tags on a map, and some general usability and quality improvements.

So not a huge update, but one that contains a few quite nice new features in my view.  Another case of a very good app getting even better.

The latest version of Shazam is in the App Store now, and it ‘s still free.

Oh, and I ‘m not just discovering ‘Treat Me Like Your Money ‘ today, but it ‘s currently top of my ‘Damn, I can ‘t get enough of that track ‘ list “ so it was just the first thing that came to mind when I wanted to get some screencaps 🙂

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