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IM+ Updated – Now Has Push for IM & Twitter

IM+ for iPhone

IM+ “ one of the leading instant messaging apps for the iPhone and many mobile platforms “ has had an update this week, to Version 3.1.  The big news in this update is that it has joined the so far very small club for iPhone apps that have added push notifications.

Interestingly, this makes it the third iPhone IM app to offer push (after AIM and Beejive) while it also claims to be the first push app for Twitter.  Although IM+ is never going to be my choice as a Twitter app, I am mildly encouraged to see the way their Twitter notifications are implemented.

What ‘s encouraging is that I ‘m able to select whether I want to see / hear alerts for the general timeline (all messages in effect) or just for direct messages to me.

IM+ notiications settings

This does not work very well for me right now “ for Twitter “ as I don ‘t see any alerts (even for DMs) until I open the app.  I ‘m not worried about this though since, as mentioned above, this would never be my choice of Twitter app.

What I hope to see in dedicated Twitter apps when they add push, is an ability to see alerts only for @ mentions and DMs “ and judging by the IM+ settings page, it seems like this should be do-able.

I ‘m also hoping to see the push-enabling update for Agile Messenger, my favorite iPhone IM app, very soon.  I ‘ve tested the pre-release and know it works well “ hoping to see it in the store next week.

How are you all finding push apps so far? 

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