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Review: mAdvNote on iPhone


mAdvNote is a cute little app with a less-than-catchy name that lets you insert pics, doodles to audio and text notes on your iPhone.

The app touts itself as a productivity tool yet I felt more like playing around with its features rather than recording any serious ideas. The interface is easy to navigate around and nice to look at. You can change the colour of the ink when you doodle and move the note segments around as per your preference.

The notes you create can be sent by email, although the ones I tested did not transfer the picture, doodle or audio file at all. 🙁

This is the kind of app that you have to try it for yourself to see if you like it.

mAdvNote comes in a free LITE version that limits the number of saved notes to three. The FULL version costs $ 1.99 and has no limits to your stored notes.

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