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Apple Releases Two new Ads for iPhone 3GS

Apple has posted two ads on their site late this evening. Both ads follow a similar scheme as the iPhone 3G ads, except these now have a different tune playing in the background.

The first ad, advertises the copy and paste feature. Starting by copying a phone number to a text and ending with the copying of a map to an email. Needless to say, this feature isn’t exclusive to the iPhone 3GS and comes with the iPhone 3.0 software. I find it odd that Apple would even try to use this as a selling point.

The second ad shows off voice control. They start the ad by asking the phone to call Dave Taylor. Then they ask “Play songs by Jack Johnson”. Voice control is actually an iPhone 3GS exclusive feature, and this ad does a great job of showing you what you can do with it in a 30 seconds.

You can find the ads here and here.

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