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Toodledo for iPhone Updated, Adds Push Notifications


App updates to enable push notifications are starting to trickle out just a little more this week.

Toodledo “ one of the leading task manager applications for the iPhone “ is the newest member that I ‘ve spotted of a still quite small club, as its update today adds push notifications for tasks that are due.

The update for Toodledo “ to Version 1.5.0 “ also adds quite a few new features, as well as bug fixes.  Here are some that are noted at the Toodledo site:

  • Adding a task now uses a new method that is much quicker and provides more room to type.
  • Added several sort options (priority+duedate, duedate+priority, folder+importance, folder+duedate, star, subtasks).
  • Notes will now detect URLs and phone numbers and allow them to be clicked.
  • Supports cut/copy/paste.
  • Added a start-time field.
  • There is now a new "Start Page" option that will remember the page you were on when you last quit and restore you to that page when you relaunch the app.
  • Editing tasks will no longer uses the cumbersome scroll wheels in many cases.
  • Cleaned up various sections of the app to be more intuitive.
  • Completing a repeating task will now do an instant sync to Toodledo.com to reschedule that task.
  • Now, gives an error message when a sync is attempted without network connection.
  • Added general setting for font size
  • Editing the title and tag fields now use a multi-line text box, so you can see more of what you are editing.

This latest version of Toodledo is in the App Store now.  The app is priced at $2.99, which apparently is part of a ‘limited time ‘ 25% off sale.

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