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My 5 pet peeves about iPhone 3.0


Ah, bet you thought I’d be a typical Apple iPhone fanboi, incapable of saying 1 bad word about the Jesus Phone and its wave-making 3.0 software update? Sorry to disappoint you. Even if I may be in love with iPhone and tout it as profoundly lifestyle changing, I do get frustrated at some of Apple’s decisions and implementation.

Read on for my 5 pet peeves with 3.0:

1. Sensors are too sensitive: Shake-to-shuffle is cool – when you’re testing it. BUT, I’ve found the shake sensor to be so sensitive that when I have iPhone in my pocket, it picks up on the motions of walking and shuffles every 10 seconds. And I ‘ve found that the screen sensor sometimes stops the music or does something else I didn ‘t expect while stored in my jacket. Not ideal.

2. Sorry to say, Shake-to-Shuffle does not help me skip to next song when the app is closed. It only works when the app is open. As my phone auto-locks after 1 minute, I have to double-push home to get to the iPod controls (no I don’t use the stock headphones). No shaking for me šŸ™

3. Battery life: this has diminished noticeably for me. This seems to be an issue for both the iPhone 3GS as well as for the 3G. My subjective feeling is that I ‘m getting under 3 hours of web browsing / mixed use – nowhere near results of these tests. I ‘ve resorted to lowering the display brightness and turning off push notification on email to save the charge. Here are Apple ‘s tips on battery conservation.

4. Lack of shortcuts for repeat actions. Calling my hubby requires push, swipe, touch for phone app, touch for faves, touch for Andy – 5 steps. Apps like Red Monkey (does quick dial or other tasks) and Melodis Dialer (does voice activated speed dial) don ‘t quite do the trick for me.

5. Last and in this case least of my peeves are the limited iPod features. I hate it that I can’t sort the songs in a certain order (like on a traditional iPod). Call me crazy but I don’t want my songs sorted alphabetically. That and other things I’ve already mentioned about the fact that the iPhone does not replace my iPod.

Of course I realize and respect the fact that Apple did not have me particularly in mind when creating the iPhone. I forgive them for that, but the Powers-that-be should ensure that features work bloody well, the way they were supposed to. And we shouldn ‘t have to beg for simple things that would make our iPhone-enhanced lives even better.

What are your pet peeves about 3.0?

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  • "Calling my hubby requires push, swipe, touch for phone app, touch for faves, touch for Andy – 5 steps." Patrick, up to this point I thought you wrote this… then I did a double take..lol. This list is fine, but my gripe is A) Why do we not have more options when it comes to texting sounds. B) Why can't we customize more things ie. our texting bubbles or backgrounds? I know it's petty but it's what I want. This writer seems to use the iPod a lot, well I text a lot! And the lack of customization is pretty crazy when you think about it.. Also when you turn the phone sideways at the home screen the icons should turn as well. Without any of these changes it's still above all other phones IMO… but c'mon apple it's like this, even if you're with the hottest girl in the world, after 3 years you start to get a little bored with her if she's always doing the same things.. You gotta spice it up a little bit and make us appreciate you as what you are, pound for pound, the best electronic device in the world! Shake it up a little bit Apple!!

    • Bobby – LOL – no hubbys for me – pretty sure my wife wouldn't approve šŸ™‚

  • Wow, I couldn't have said it better. šŸ™‚

    Yes I do tend to use the iPod alot – primarily because I listen and watch video and audio podcasts on the iPhone.

    I ALL for customization and cute bubbles!!


  • Oddly shake to shuffle isn't sensitive enough for me. But I agree with the fact that the screen lock makes that feature nearly useless.

    My big complaints are the lack of a sync API so I have about a half dozen applications on the Mac I have to run and then manually sync the applications on the iPhone. That should all be automated when I plug in my iPhone! The other complaint is that there's no easy way to read long podcast names. Which is forever frustrating me.

  • Seven

    If shake-to-shuffle only works when the app is open and it turns off after one minute; why would you have any problem with it when the iPhone in your pocket?

  • radman

    plenty of fields in the contact field… but they don't sync to outlook or anything else! Useless.. There should be a desktop application like Palm has so we can look at our contacts, notes, tasks, calendar… It could be built right into the itunes.. what a pain.

    no quick keys.. This most sophisticated of devices has no quick keys. It is astonishing. It is actually dangerous… People dial when they are driving..no way around it. Not having quick keys makes it much harder to do this.. This will undoubtably end up causing accidents and apple designers are directly responsible. There is no excuse for a lack of quick keys. Going to the favorite list takes several actions and then it is hard to hit the right one. not a substitute.