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New iPhone Twitter App Does Push Notifications, But Only for Its Users, Not All Twitter Users


iTwitter is yet another new Twitter app for the iPhone, and one that ‘s getting a fair amount of attention today as it ‘s being touted as the first iPhone Twitter app to do push notifications.

The thing is. its push notifications only cover mentions and DMs from other users of iTwitter, not from users of Twitter itself.  For me, this renders the feature useless “ just as Twinkle ‘s ‘Nearby ‘ feature that only showed nearby users of Twinkle was.  You lose all the power of  being on a popular network like Twitter if you start separating yourself out onto little segments of it, and only seeing the activity of those segments.

Other than push, I ‘m not sure which “ if any “ unique features are offered by iTwitter.  It ‘s a free app though, so let us know what you think of it if you end up trying it out.

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  • You should check out the Twitter push client that I just released, Boxcar. It's available at http://boxcar.io

    Boxcar is unique because it plays nice with your existing favorite twitter client (mine is Tweetie). I get notifications of new @mentions and new DMs, and Boxcar opens Tweetie for me.

    Right now we poll every 5 minutes, but we're working on a near real time solution. There is also no stupid requirement for both people to be using Boxcar. This is push notifications done right. =)

    Hit me up if you have any questions or comments!

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  • one this is no longer a free app, it cost like 3 or $4.00 now. Then also I wonder how you can turn the volume off of it so that if you post a tweet or update it stops that terrible "ding" or "flight noise". Anyone have any ideas?

  • I've never used it – sorry Todd.