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Several More Twitter Push Options for iPhone Out Now

Twitbit iPhone app

It seems that iPhone Twitter apps are getting more push notifications love than just about any other category, especially just recently.  Josh recently reviewed Boxcar, which acts as a sort of push go-between, providing the push service while integrating with your favorite main Twitter client app (as long as that is Tweetie or Twitterrific).

Twitbit is a newly launched app that is yet another Twitter client, and one that does push right out of the box “ or as its App Store description says ‘the first full-featured Twitter iPhone app to provide full support for push notifications ‘.

Tweet Push iPhone app

Tweet Push is another new app launched this week in this area.  It uses more of the Boxcar ‘middleman ‘ method “ providing push notifications and offering support for more Twitter clients than Boxcar.  It integrates with four leading Twitter client apps “ Twitterrific, Tweetie, Twittelator, and TwitterFon.

Tweet Push has a different approach in a couple of areas that will draw some immediate attention:

  • You need to create an account with Polar Bear Farm in order to track your purchases, and in order for the app to work
  • The app works on a subscription model.  You start with 30 days of free usage after purchasing it for $0.99 “ after that you have to purchase further blocks of service in 30,120, and 150 day blocks. 

Polar Bear Farm says this subscription model is required in order to provide a reliable and sustainable service.


Another option “ and one that I think may well be my favorite for Twitter and for handling push for a handful of apps “ is Prowl, a Growl client for the iPhone OS.

With Prowl I can setup Tweetie (and many other desktop apps) to send alerts over to my iPhone.  I ‘m still not a big fan of push alerts, but setting just Twitter DMs to come via Prowl may work OK for me.  I ‘m going to at least give it a try for a bit.


What ‘s your current method for handling Twitter push notifications?  Do you even want to receive these?  Are you hoping to win a copy of Boxcar in our current promo codes contest to use for this purpose?  Have you tried out Prowl yet?

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