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And The Winners Of The Boxcar App Promo Codes Are…

And the winners of the Boxcar iPhone app giveaway are…

Kerry H., Wayne M., Kimberly G., & Zach B. Each of these four readers were provided with a promo code that would allow them to download Boxcar at no charge. These readers will be now be able to receive push notifications of Twitter Direct Messages (DMs) and @mentions.

We hope you enjoyed participating in this contest! We had a great turnout and look forward to running another contest soon. We’d love to get feedback from the winners, once they’ve had a chance to play around with Boxcar on their iPhones. Let us know what you think of it, and we’ll be sure to pass your comments on the the app’s dev.

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  • ZTK

    Simply amazing! I'm extremely happy with his app. I'm glad to have Twitter pushed finally. Boxcar works beautifully and will later have support for Twittelator Pro! I'm glad to have support for push with Mentions and DMs. Thank you to the devs for the brilliance behind this app! Cheers. ZB

    • Thanks for the great feedback, Zach! I've passed your comments on to Boxcar's dev. I'm also looking forward Twitterfon Pro support, which I'm sure he'll be adding sometime soon as well. Thanks for participating in the contest, congrats on winning, and thanks for reading our blog!


  • I've been using Boxcar for several weeks now. The app is absolutely brilliant. The developers have really figured out a nice niche until the big Twitter clients catch up and offer push natively in their apps. Simple, practical and perfect. Thanks again!
    Kerry H.

    • Thanks for the feedback – very glad to hear the app is working well for you.