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Boxcar Contest Over, Winners TBA Later Today!

Well that’s it for the Boxcar app promo code giveaway! We had excellent participation in this contest, it kept me busy tracking all the comments. 🙂 That must mean that Twitter push notifications is a hot item for people. I’ll be announcing the 4 winners later today, before 7:00pm PT. How will we be choosing winners? Read on for details on the method I’ll be using.

To randomly choose the 4 winners from the comments left, I took each name and added it to an Excell spreadsheet, and assigned it a number, starting with 1. For each additional entry, the number increased consecutively (ie, second entry is number 2, third is number 3, etc.). I then use an Excel VB script that randomly chooses 4 of these numbers from an array, with built in logic to prevent any duplicates. Using Excel to choose these random numbers prevents any human preference towards a particular (maybe a favorite) number.

Why didn’t I just throw all the numbers into a hat and pick 4 out you ask? Well, because I’m a Technology Systems Admin and using paper and a hat is so old-school! 😛 I’m going completely paperless as much as I possibly can, so I created a digital way to randomly choose numbers out of a hat (an Excel spreadsheet)!

I’ll announce the winners here on the website later today, after I’ve contacted them by e-mail first. If a winner doesn’t respond to accept the promo code within 24 hours, I’ll use the method described above to choose a new winner for that particular code.

Thank you to all who participated in the this contest!


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