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Contest! SafeWallet Promo Code Giveaway!

Three Free Promo Codes for SafeWallet.

Contest Deadline: Tuesday July 21, 2009, 12:00PM US Pacific

We are pleased to offer three free promo codes for SBSH’s SafeWallet iPhone app. SafeWallet is described as “a secure storage application designed to help you manage all your private information in one secure solution! With stylish design, SafeWallet is the perfect addition to your iPhone/iPod Touch keeping your private data secured! Use SafeWallet to store credit cards info, passwords, bank account info and much more!”

Read on for details on how easy it is to enter for a chance to win a promo code

How To Win:

**  Just add a comment to this post, making sure to fill out the “email address” field (don’t worry, it won’t be displayed and we won’t use it for any other reason than to contact you if you win) – and you ‘re in with an entry for our random drawing of winners this coming Sunday.

That ‘s it! We ‘ll draw our three winners on Tuesday (7/21/09) sometime after 12:00pm US Pacific time, with the winners being announced before 7:00pm US Pacific time.

Each comment counts as one entry. Duplicate entries will be discarded…unless… to increase your chances, leave a very good comment, including a reason why you really, really want to win, and how you think this app can help you. If you impress us, we’ll add an additional entry (or two) in for you!

Good luck to all!

Note: The promo codes are only available for the US App Store. Keep this in mind when entering the contest.

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  • Great – I want it!!
    I keep the rest of my life on my 3GS so secret info such as passwords, bank card etc is the final step.

  • I'm in!

  • Alex

    Can I have one?:)

  • eric Dietrich

    Would to have this app!

  • TimF

    Cool, I can use this to replace the post-it note that is in my wallet

  • Simon K

    Would love to get a promo-code for this, since it would give me the ability to finnaly have all kinds of information on my phone, without have to worry about who else will be able to see it.

    So through me a promo code, and I'll be jumping in joy 🙂

  • Rockstardo

    I want it!!!

  • I'm always hesitent about storing secure information in a device that I could easily be misplaced or be stolen. Although, this sounds like it could be pretty secure, so I'd love to try it out and see for myself. I have such a bad memory, so an app this like it would be a nice secure way to store important private info like my credit card numbers and contact details in case I lose my wallet. Thanks I hope I win.

  • ronny

    yes plz 🙂

  • jtemplar

    Since I am in the UK this would involve conning iTunes into believing I was an American, and allowing me to open a new account just so I could purchase this swish, stylish, secure app, from the US App Store. Far too much effort involved in that for me – please ensure I do NOT win. Oh! BTW Have a nice day! Cheerio!

    • jtemplar I'm from the UK too – and I can see safewallet in the UK istore in itunes. Even the price is listed as £ not $, so what makes you think you would ned to do an 'conning' to get it??

  • dharmil

    trying my luck!

  • Tara de Guzman

    me need this app!

  • Farès Fayad

    Count me in, pls?


  • Costess

    Im in to

  • Liked SBSH when I used a WM. Love to try it with my iphone.

  • dbng

    I definitely need this to tame the mass of login/password combos for everything I do online.

  • JustClem

    I have had a similar app on my Treo for years … would be nice to be able to keep secure personal data on my iPod Touch, which I use when I travel.

  • RobP

    I believe this is the best wallet app for the iPhone!!!

  • altierospinelli

    yeah very nice think, but work only in the US store.. every time i get a promo code .. i can do nothing with it.
    we european and non u.s. will take the promo in the ass.

  • I'm in! Maybe they will really release the Mac companion. Around the same time Google releases Chrome for Mac. At any rate, I wouldn't have to keep using encrypted notes in Evernote to store information.

  • I am not at all keen on keeping personal info on my iPhone, even if I have it PIN locked I feel it is a risk. SafeWallet would help me immensely in that regard. Being a PC user I use KeePass on my PC to keep that info all secure etc. Having an App with a PC component is key so I can keep and enter data in either device and still know I have it all secure. SafeWallet seems to be a really good solution and I'd love to try it out and make it my new password vault.

  • Curt P

    It's safe? And a wallet? It's a SafeWallet! It's what I want!! I'm ready for that free code!

  • Anil Kaparthi

    i am in

  • Tim

    This looks great and super handy. I'd love a promo code. Keep up the good work.

  • David M

    All the apps from SBSH I've used with Windows Mobile have been awesome. Can't wait to be able to use them on my iPhone.