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iPhone Tip: How To Send Full Resolution Photos By Email

How to email full rez photos on the iPhone

This is a tip that I ‘ve know about for a while “ thanks to a post at geek.thinkunique.org which I discovered via Daring Fireball “ but one that I notice many people are not yet aware of, so I thought I ‘d share it.

It ‘s a very quick how-to that shows what you need to do to email your iPhone photos at full resolution, rather than the watered down 800X600 that you get via the standard method of emailing your pics.

What you need to do in order to get full resolution photos into your emails is simply copy and paste them into your email, rather than emailing them out of the Photos app.

With the copy and paste method you ‘ll get photos sent at 2048X1536 resolution, from an iPhone 3GS, or 1600X1200 on an original iPhone.

Just to be clear, the steps to do this are:

1. When you ‘re in your Camera Roll or Photo Library, tap to view an individual photo and then tap and hold on the photo and select ‘Copy ‘


When in Camera Roll or Photo Library, tap and hold on a single photo ‘s thumbnail and select Copy


When in Camera Roll or Photo Library tap on the Share icon (the envelope at bottom left), then select multiple thumbnails in the Select Photos view, and tap Copy at the bottom of the screen

2. Go the Mail app and open a new email.  Press and hold in the body text area of the new email and select ‘Paste ‘ from the popup.

That ‘s it.  Your single photo, or multiple photos, will have been pasted in at full resolution, and will be sent out that way.

Here ‘s a little side-by-side look at the information for a photo emailed via the standard method vs. one with the photo copied / pasted into it:


One thing to be aware of when sending photos at full resolution is that this will result in larger attachment file sizes (as you can see in the screencap above) “ so you may want to be careful how many images you try to email at once, if you don ‘t want them to take forever to reach their recipients, or even get blocked by some basic email services.

Happy photo emailing! 🙂

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  • Great ! Thanks for sharing !

  • JoeVenture

    This was a great post! I didn't know you could copy in the camera roll by selecting the thumbnail images. Thanks.

  • @ Val, JoeVenture – glad it was helpful for you!

  • 'Say it & Mail it' version 1.1 will also email full resolution photos. It also lets you record a message explaining the photo. Version 1.0 is available now. Version 1.1 First week in August. Version 1.2 will also let you include your GPS location in the email.


    • I'm a little confused – your App Store description doesn't mention anything about full resolution photos, and says 'pictures are standard jpg format and small file sizes'. Can you shed a bit more light on this?

  • Sam

    Now the key is to actually view the photos in their Full Resolution! You can do this with an app called "Full-Res"