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mQuickDo – My First Jailbreak App Purchase on the iPhone 3GS

mQuickDo for iPhone

So far “ on just Day 4 of running the iPhone 3GS jailbroken “ I really haven ‘t installed very many jailbreak apps.  It ‘s been a busy week and I just haven ‘t had time to look through Cydia very much and see what I might want.  I have tried out a small number of apps though “ and have one that I like enough to have purchased it “ mQuickDo.

I mentioned this app in a recent post, as it is the one that delivers lovely, almost-instant app-switching capability to me on the 3GS.  So by using this app, I can now select to copy a chunk of text in Safari, slide right along the bottom of the iPhone screen, tap on the icon for the Things task manager app to immediately switch to it, paste in the text, slide right again, and tap on Safari to continue reading.  No more ‘middle-man ‘ visits to the home screen in order to launch a frequently used app.  Hallelujah.


mQuickDo ‘s description in Cydia focuses on its abilities to provide ‘virtual Home and Power buttons ‘ for the iPhone.  I think they should highlight the app-switching features “ as that is easily the most useful and powerful thing it does, in my view.

I honestly have only briefly tried out some of the other features in mQuickDo, as I just don ‘t feel a need for them.  The feature I am using more and more often every day “ and finding a huge benefit “ is the app-switching.  Here ‘s how that part works:

You make use of the tiny little bottom strip below the Dock to make a short or long swipe gesture to invoke (bring up) the list of apps you can switch to with just one tap.  It will show icons for each one.  I believe you cannot show more than five apps at once right now.


To customize which apps are shown to switch to, you first need to use the Backgrounder app and enable backgrounding for any apps you want to add.  Then launch the app you want to add and change away from it (so it is minimized but running in the background).  just launch the app you want to add.  Then swipe to invoke mQuickDo “ and drag the icon for the app you want to add straight onto the App Switcher bar.  Try to drag it straight on top of an app you want it to replace in the bar.

*** Update “ my original description above (the text that is now struck through) was incorrect, as Brian has helpfully pointed out in the comments, as follows: Quick comment about your explanation of how to add apps to the quick launch bar; It is not necessary to background anything to get it on the quick launcher. Just run the app and while it’s running, open up the app switcher and drag the icon down.

To adjust ‘Gesture Settings ‘ “ that control what action you want to invoke via each of a number of different types of swipe “ for Springboard and, separately, for when you are in applications “ launch the mQuickDo app via its icon.

Honestly, I ‘ve found a lot of the standard gestures very difficult or impossible to make work thus far “ but I ‘ve managed to make one work consistently in most apps, and well enough to make this a super useful app.  I just use the ‘Long Slide Right ‘ gesture for both Springboard and within apps, to call up the App Switcher bar.  That one works well enough for me, and that ‘s enough for now. 

I ‘ve tried making a short slide up/down work and a few of the others and had no joy “ and again, for now I just don ‘t need these enough to care, as long as my lovely app switching is working.

Although it appears to me to have a lot of rough edges, and some inconsistency in how easily and consistently certain gestures work across the OS and apps, I ‘m still a big fan of mQuickDo already.  An App Switcher app is something I ‘ve wanted to see on the iPhone for the longest time “ and I ‘m so glad that the devs at MCleaner have shown this is do-able. 

On the 3GS, not only is it do-able “ but it ‘s a super-effective tool to have working for you.  As the post title indicates I like this app enough to have purchased it, which I did earlier today.  Even though I am not yet decided on whether I ‘ll keep the 3GS jailbroken, or for how long, I feel the devs for mQuickDo deserve the donation regardless of how long I end up using their app for.

If you ‘re jailbroken and you want an app switcher, you should definitely give mQuickDo a look.  You ‘ll be able to use it as a trial for 3 days, and the cost to purchase it is $7.99.

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  • Brian

    Due to your mention of this app in your last jailbreak post, I have been giving mQuickDo a try as well. It is quickly becoming one of my staples. I haven't purchased it yet. I'm making sure it plays nice with everything else I do, but I will almost certain purchase this in the next couple days.

    Quick comment about your explanation of how to add apps to the quick launch bar; It is not necessary to background anything to get it on the quick launcher. Just run the app and while it's running, open up the app switcher and drag the icon down.

    I also noticed inconsistent behavior in the various gestures. I ended up moving the bar to the top of the screen where the status bar is and it seems to work better. I disabled the short and long swipe to the right gestures in order to not conflict with SBSettings. Long swipe down from the status bar opens my app switcher. Swipe right opens SBSettings. I'm loving it so far. My only wishes are for badges to show on the quick launcher icons and possibly a second row for more apps to quickly launch.

    Keep up the jailbreak posts. You're finding a lot of goodies real quick!

    • Hey Brian – glad to hear you're liking the app as well. Will update the post to reflect your correction on how to add apps to the bar. Also, thanks so much for mentioning your preferred positioning and gesture for the bar. Just gave that a try and like it much better!

  • I'd like to be able to not have an incoming phone call destruct my game progress (but, I still want to take the call, and then resume my game) can this help me do that? Right now, if I am playing Crash or Real Soccer '09 and I get a phone call my existing progress is lost, after I hang up the application is restarted, but not resumed.

    Please continue with this series I am a new iPhone user (waited until 3gs) and am very on the fence about jailbreaking!

  • I tried this app and couldn't figure out how to make it work EVERY TIME. The most interesting feature is the swipe up/down to switch from app to app but this feature would only work 1 out of 10 times. I had to remove the app for this reason. I might give it another try…

    • I found it a fair bit of a challenge to get used to at first – but once you get it, it works very well and is so worthwhile.

      • Well, I take back what I just said. I installed again and it now works pretty well. I can't seem to figure out how to swipe from bottom up. It only works from up to bottom.

        • Glad it's working better for you. I never had much success with the swipe up either. I'm liking Brian's suggested setup with Switcher bar up at the top and a quick slide down from right about middle of status bar to pull it up. Finding it easy to pull up mQucikDo that way, and SBSettings via its default swipe action as well.

  • I myself broke down yesterday and purchsed mQuickDo. I love it. I'm starting to miss my home screen because i rarely see it anymore!! Between using mQuickdo and intelliscreen(where i can read and launch my emails, sms, return missed calls, check news and sports all from the lockscreen) i'm hardly there anymore! But mQuick do is great! A major feature that apple should have integrated into the OS. But that's why great devs have jobs right?!?! 🙂
    Well I figure i might as well add my 2 cents about my prefs with mquick. I've found myself using backgrounder quite a bit more often now. I've assigned it to short swipe left. And app switcher to short swipe right. That way if i'm in an app or game that I know i'll want to return to and not relaunch, just invoke backgrounder with a swipe. Then i can go do whatever needed to be done, swipe for app switcher and jump right back in without missing a beat!!
    What I wish i could make happen was an auto-invoking of backgrounder when you use app switcher to jump programs..maybe next update 🙂

    -John Steele – I think it depends more on the programming of each specific app whether it it will resume after being interrupted by a call. From my experience, the majority of apps do that automatically.

    • Cool, glad to hear you 'joined the club' – Is there a club? 🙂 That's a nice setup with the swipe to enable backgrounding, would be nice if there was disable backgrounding action as well though.

  • Patrickj,

    I also gave the app a try. At first I liked the ability to launch apps from my lockscreen. However, I ended up going back to the default way or more traditional way without it. Sometimes I think we try too hard to make thinks simple. Like Omnifocus for example, great todo app for some people but just too much for me. As much as I like the iphone 3gs, I find myself exploring other options……like android. HTC Sense in Hero is just the beginning and the webOS is totally fresh. Do you know what I mean………Great review though 😉

    • I actually have the same reaction to OmniFocus – superb app, super powerful, but just too much for me, for my way of working. I use Things on iPhone and desktop (Mac only) and love its simple, elegant UI.

      Exploring other options = never a bad thing. I haven't done that in quite a while, but iPhone OS keeps me pretty content most of the time. I have my gripes and complaints (often), but still don't see a mobile platform I think can match it.

      Thanks for your kind words – and look forward to your thoughts on Android and WebOS.

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  • Patrickj,

    Would you like a giveaway of this app among the users? I'm from the developer team.

    • Sure thing – I'll answer your email shortly. 🙂

  • Buddy

    App switcher doesn't work 100% for me, Safari & Phone work perfectly, but Mail & SMS crashes 5 out of 10 times whenever i try to launch it, not sure why, probably because i'm using iRealSMS??

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  • Jettie

    When I'm using quickreply (iRealSMS) mquickdo will make an error in handwriting area(the bottom). It will be a straight line to the top if I slip down to the mquickdo bar.
    PS : only quickreply.