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iPhone OS 3.0.1 Update Released – Fixes SMS Exploit

While it was initially speculated that Apple would be releasing an iPhone update on Saturday to address the SMS exploit that’s been in the news lately, it appears to be available right now. The update has become available in iTunes for many iPhone users, myself included. This is an important update that only appears to fix the SMS vulnerability, and it is suggested that all iPhone with OS 3.0 be updated as soon as possible.

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  • guest

    " it is suggested that all iPhone with OS 3.0 be updated as soon as possible"

    I need to rush to this upgrade if I've never used or have any immediate plans to use SMS? I'm at a loss as to why.

    • Because no action on your part is required – you could get a malicious (infected) SMS that exploits the security flaw just by having your number be in someone else's contact list, or via other methods potentially.. You don't have to be any sort of heavy SMS user, you just have to have a vulnerable phone that has an SMS app to exploit.

  • So since you mentioned on twitter that you are rejailbreaking, I guess purplera1n works with this patch?

    • No – so far it doesn't as far as I know. I did the re-jailbreak with redsn0w from the Dev Team tonight – using instructions at: http://tinyurl.com/m6ahr3.

      Took some notes during process of DFU restore to 3.0 (grabbing the 2 files needed to safeguard ability to jailbreak after 3.1), update to 3.0.1 and then fresh jailbreak with redsn0w. Will do a post on it in the morning.

  • Beware of the 3rd party app "Grip" and SBsettings. The two don't mix well with each other and I ran into problems when both programs were installed. My SBsettings would crash frequently and I'm currently upgrading my phone to 3.01 than going to jailbreak at 3.0. I used purplera1n before but will use redsnow this time. Hope all goes well. Grip seems like a great program as it gives you more customization on notifications but it is not worth the expense of the SBsettings working properly.

    • Nice – thanks for sharing. SBSettings is a long-time favorite for me, and I definitely don't want anything messing with it – especially as I'm just not very fussed about notifications.