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Review: Analytics App for iPhone

I use Google Analytics all the time. I have a personal blog I need to keep track of. I want to know the who, what, and where of the people visiting my site. Google Analytics does this for me, and does it well. Besides, it’s free.

Well, it turns out that the Analytics website isn’t best suited to be viewed on an iPhone. I mean it’s doable, but there is no rich interaction. Luckily there is Analytics App [iTunes Link] from AnalyticsApp.com. It solves the problem of comfortably viewing your Analytics data on your iPhone, and does so much more.

Matter of fact, Analytics App displays so much information, that it included things I didn’t know Google Analytics tracked. So, to keep it short and sweet, I will tell you how Analytics App displays information, and not so much of what information it displays. As far as I can tell, it displays everything Google Analytics tracks.

From the first time you start Analytics App you are greeted with a clean login screen. Enter your Google account information once, and you never have to again.

From here you are presented with a screen that let’s you select which of your site’s information you want to view.

After that, you are taken to the main screen where all of your information is grouped neatly into a variety of categories. They are as follows: Overview Reports, Visitor Reports, Traffic Reports, Content Reports, E-commerce Reports, Site Search Reports, and Event Tracking Reports. Each of these groups has multiple “pages” of information to chose from.

Just as an example, I’ll show you the information for my personal blog dayandage.com. Here is the “Dashboard” page of “Overview Reports” section. This page, to me, is the most vital, giving me the most information about my site at a glance, as you can see in the image below.

All information is presented neatly and cleanly. You are never lost in a maze of submenus or screen clutter. Everything that needs to be there is there, everything that doesn’t need to be there, isn’t.

Where Analytics App really begins to shine is when graphs are involved. When you view  the Google Analytics webpage on mobile Safari, things aren’t as rich as they should be. Viewing the same data through Analytics App makes a world of difference. You can actually use these graphs. Change them to show different lengths of time,  just as you would on your desktop computer. These graphs, at least for me, give me the most information I need in a hurry, so I can make quick judgements about my site.

One thing that did strike me as odd, was the omission of pie charts that are present on Google Analytics web pages. My guess is that they brought a poor or cluttered presentation of data to an otherwise clean landscape.

The last thing regarding graphs is that this app allows users to edit the graphs parameters on the fly, so you can visually see trends for the past day, week, or any amount of time you set. This works so well in fact, that it makes the Analytics webpage feel cumbersome.

One thing that bothered me originally, was the lack of a map feature. See, when you are using Google Analytics on a desktop web browser, it features a map that enables the user to click on a country and get it’s corresponding data.

Example of the map shown in Google Analytics

This is a nice feature for desktop users. In saying that, I realize that it just wouldn’t work well on a handheld device, and thus the developers of Analytics App cut the feature. A good move.

As a whole, this is a must have app for anyone monitoring sites through Google Analytics. There are free alternatives out there that I’ve used, and this simply and utterly blows them away. Analytics App isn’t free, but you are paying for the quality. Again, it is a must-have app.

You can pick up a copy of Analytics App in the App Store [iTunes Link] for $5.99. You should also visit AnalyticsApp.com for more information regarding this awesome app.

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