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BNO News Launches iPhone App – With Time-Adjustable Push Notifications

BNO News for iPhone

BNO News “ the increasingly popular internet based news service “ now has an iPhone app. 

BNO News, in conjunction with BitMethod, today announced the release of an iPhone push application that will provide users the latest "breaking" news stories from the United States and around the world. The move to the iPhone market is another important milestone for BNO News, which is currently providing services on Twitter, FriendFeed and via e-mail. Combined, BNO News reaches nearly 1,000,000 people globally and is quickly growing on all platforms.

BNO News often seems to hit the big stories before anyone else, from what I can see of them on Twitter and Friendfeed.  They provide ‘a combination of original news reporting with sourcing to credible news outlets ‘.

Their new iPhone app is about what you ‘d expect if you ‘ve noticed BNO News on the above-mentioned social networks.  The stream of news items is presented in a pretty basic way (as shown in the screencap at the top of this post). I ‘d love to see some theme options for that, as I hate the dark background.

Some items have only quick summary detail as stories develop; others come with links to a more complete write-up, which open in an inline browser.

BNO News on iPhone

The app offers push notifications “ which seems a must-use for this one as its core selling point is that it gives you ‘breaking ‘ news.  I ‘m not sure yet whether they ‘ve got the level of alerts right or perhaps just a bit too frequent “ as they present multiple alerts on a single story as it develops.

BNO News BNO News iPhone app

The volume of alerts from BNO News is greater than AP Mobile already (since installing it last night) but it ‘s perfectly manageable / acceptable thus far. 

I am very fond of the way BNO News has implemented push notifications “ with some finer control than any other built-in push app I ‘ve seen.  You can choose to see alerts for low priority news stories if you like “ but this is set to Off by default (which is how I prefer to leave it).


The nicest thing to see in the Options though, is the ability to ignore notifications during a set time period.  I ‘ve set mine to leave me alone from 8:00pm to 8:00am.


I think the app looks good, especially for a first version “ and particularly like the good set of push options.  I wouldn ‘t object to future versions adding a few more features and / or more links to in-depth coverage.

*** An important thing to note about BNO News is that the plan is that it will be updated to a subscription model “ where you ‘ll need to pay $0.99/month for a subscription.  It is not very clear yet how this will work “ it seems the developers themselves have not worked it all out yet.  The only real detail provided right now on their App Store page is that: ‘Non-subscribers will still continue to receive some notifications but will not have the more advanced filtering enabled. ‘

It will be interesting to see how the subscription model is implemented.  I ‘m not sure how many iPhone users will feel excited about paying around $12 a year just for greater levels (or more control over) pushed news alerts.  I suppose if it ‘s a month to month decision whether you keep it going, that may be more attractive as users will be able to try it and see how much the want / need whichever extra features come to subscribers.

BNO News is in the App Store now.  It costs $1.99 to purchase it, and $0.99 per month for a subscription.

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