Percentage of Jailbroken iPhone Users Rises, a Little


According to Pich Media, the percentage of iPhone users running their phones jailbroken has gone up a little in the last week reported (week of 7/26/09).  This week it rose from 8.0% to 8.43%.  The last time I remember looking at the figure, a few weeks back, it was a little under 7%.

I wonder how much of this little rise might be attributed to the removal of GV Mobile from the App Store, and all the controversy it caused last week.

Pinch Media provide analytics and tracking for thousands of iPhone apps, as well as a wealth of useful information and statistics for the rest of us. 

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  • kidslow

    I would be curious the distribution of 2G iPhones to 3G and 3GS jailbroken. IMHO what you're witnessing is the phenomenon of 2G phones being replaced by 3G/S w/ contract renewal and the older phones are being sold/reused etc in significantly higher numbers as jailbroken phones.

    • patrickj

      I'd like to see those numbers too. I'm going to ask Pinch Media whether they can break out those stats in future.

  • Sebastien

    Where do you get this info from? I went to Pinch Media's website but I can't find it anywhere.

    • patrickj

      I get a weekly email newsletter from them. Send me your email via Twitter DM or site contact form, and I'll forward the mail to you.

      • Sebastien

        DMd on Twitter. Thanks

  • patrickj

    My understanding is they never have your name stored anywhere and also that all the data they maintain *only* aggregated data (which means no individual user info is identifiable) on their servers. They also state that they have users' consent via the End User License Agreement via iTunes.

    I'll be doing a post on this very soon – but my impression is that Pinch Media are very upright and proper in their methods of collecting and sharing data.

  • BlackBerryBold9000

    Do that and you won't see a anywhere near the current battery life of the iPhone…..Apple seemed to pull out all the features that suck up the most battery power.

    • patrickj

      Do what? Not sure what you're referring to here.

  • darrick baxter

    Right on. I had to jailbreak my phone when i first brought it to Canada. thats a fact.

    now that is actually here, i dont think id jailbreak it.

    Ive heard a rumor that the ipad was going to be released unlocked? is that true?

    darrick baxter
    ipad release date

  • iphone repair

    does pinchmedia keeps your private data ??

    • patrickj

      Pinch Media has now been bought out by Flurry I believe. We covered some of your question previously here:

    • patrickj

      Pinch Media has now been bought out by Flurry I believe. We covered some of your question previously here:

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  • Steve Robbins

    Any updates of Pinch Media’s stats?

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