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iPhone 3GS – Jailbroken 12 Days, Stability & Performance Update


It ‘s been almost two weeks since I jailbroke my iPhone 3GS.  My original jailbreak, back on July 26, was done with the purplera1n app.  After the 3.0.1 iPhone urgent security update was released, I restored, updated and re-jailbroke with the Dev Team ‘s redsn0w method.

As it ‘s been nearly two weeks now (12 days), running the 3GS jailbroken, and since I ‘d previously mentioned that the phone was less stable initially following the jailbreak, I thought I ‘d give a short update on how stability and performance are going now.

The short story is that things have leveled off nicely on the stability front.  I have not needed to reboot the iPhone in over four days “ and the last time I did it was only because it was required after an app install, not for any ‘problematic ‘ reasons. 

Basically the iPhone 3GS now seems just about as stable as it ever did when running stock “ with no freeze-ups or major crashes, and reboots only required after the install of certain jailbreak apps.

On the performance front, things are still superb “ as they have been the entire time I ‘ve owned the 3GS “ and I really see no noticeable difference in performance running it stock or jailbroken.

There ‘s no lag anywhere in the OS, and everything is still lightning quick. 

Also, the iPhone still holds up superbly well in low memory conditions.  As you can see in the screenshot at the top of this post, the phone had got down to only 2MB of free memory when I chose to take a look and screencap it for this post.  I had no inkling it was that low, as things were sailing along just fine in all my apps.

iStat also was quickly able to free up tons more memory for me once I saw that low number.


So, nearly two weeks in with a jailbroken 3GS, I ‘m finding things to be pretty stellar overall.  No regrets on doing the jailbreak (twice).  I am not finding bunches of jailbreak apps that I want to get (far less than App Store apps), but I ‘m gradually finding a few that are very good and that let me do powerful things I couldn ‘t do if running stock “ mQuickDo, SBSettings, and Screensplittr would be my best 3 examples for now.

For those of you who are also running the 3GS jailbroken, how are you finding it?  Any major complaints?

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  • I'm glad that you're are liking your jailbreak iphone. I myself was never worried about stability problems, because the upside was far greater. For example, i can't live without my favorite jailbreak apps which are sbsettings and winterboard. I hope that in the future you start doing quick reviews on winterboard themes. That would be nice.

    • Thanks Jaime. I am very gun-shy on themes at the moment, and also just really haven't found any that grab me that much. If I start seeing some I like, Ill certainly start doing some posts on them. πŸ™‚

  • No complaints here PJ! I knew you'd like it jailbroken!! LOL I mean, why not? But honestly, i think I had a similar experience. A few issues upfront with instabilities…but then, it seemed to all clear up. I'm very happy with mine as well.

    • Cool – glad to hear it. And yes you told me so. πŸ™‚

  • blane

    Have you tried any of the MMS options yet? I find it embarrassing that my "dumbphone" friends (wife) laugh at my fancy media-centric iPhone that can't even receive an MMS of the kids doing something funny. I know email is better, but if someone does not have an email capable phone, then MMS is their only option.

    • MMS options = nope. I'm a very light user of SMS, and a never even tried it MMS user. Just have no need. Oh, and let's not even start on wives' criticisms of the iPhone – that's got enough material for a hundred posts. πŸ™‚

  • Brian

    I had tried explaining in a previous comment to one of your other jailbreak posts that this is also what I found. I didn't do a very good job, though. Some jailbreak apps hook into much lower level things and can cause big problems until you do the initial restart (usually just a re-spring is enough, but every so often you need a full reboot). I'm glad things are now more stable for you.

    Couple more suggestions for you. They aren't free and may not be something you would get use out of, but I absolutely love them. For less than the cost of a cheeseburger for both, I found iFile and Safari Download Manager to really make the iPhone into more of a powerhouse. I'll let you read the descriptions and/or do your own review, but they really have made a big difference in how my workflow actually flows between phone and computer now. No more emailing myself links or files.

    • Brian – I think your comments have been clear and understandable. And I agree that this is sort of part of the trade-off with some jailbreak apps – they are letting you do things you cannot do on a stock phone (by accessing some 'forbidden' areas etc) but that creates more potential for some instability and some unpredictable results, on pretty rare occasions. I've only mentioned the issue largely for those who have never jailbroken – just as a bottom line results type report. The instability is pretty rare, but it's there and is noticeable when you come from stock (particularly on the rock, rock solid 3GS).

      Good suggestions – going to give those a try soon thanks.

  • Did you try to install customized themes on it?

    The iPhone Blogging

    • Not yet – just haven't found any that grab me yet. Many of them seem to want to do way too much, stuff that I feel may diminish battery life and / or performance. And a heck of a lot are just ugly in my opinion.

  • No complaints here man. I love my jailbreak. I too did the purplera1n jailbreak then the restore, update, re-jailbreak via redsn0w.

    As far as jailbreak apps though, you might want to try:

    3g unrestrictor

    and while you're at it, go ahead and get this theme. I'm running it and love it: http://macciti.com/2009/08/05/haligh-insanely-bea

    • More good suggestions – thank you. qTweeter's been on my list for a while. πŸ™‚

  • I want to thank you for continuing this series. Is there anything you miss about your "stock phone"? I am not new to macs, but I am new to the iPhone. I have hacked any phone I have had recently (liking putting Android on my old Sprint Touch). I am still very much on the fence about jailbreaking. Quite honestly, my iPhone 3gs works better than I ever thought it would. It is the most stable system I have ever ran and I just love it, and am scared to mess that up. That being said, I really want to try apps before I buy (especially the $50 plus gps apps) and that's where jailbreak comes in. Also, in the future I want to tether my iPhone without paying extra (I did with my stock and later hacked Blackberry Bold, and every phone since 2000), and I know the 3.1 update will kill my Safari-based tethering hack (and I want to upgrade to 3.1 for the new virtual apps, and for MMS). I don't mean to ramble on and on, but what if anything (other than quick and easy upgrades) will I miss by jailbreaking my 3.01 3GS? From this blog, I am hearing absolutely nothing. Does anyone miss anything from their "stock" iPhone?

    • My pleasure on continuing the series. I can't say there's anything I 'miss' about running the phone stock, as being jailbroken does not take away any abilities from me, it only adds to what I can do. The only thing that is close to a miss is the 100% rock-solid stability that I've mentioned a few times. There is very little issue with this now on the jailbroken phone, but there have been a small handful of incidents since being JBed, which is a small handful more than I ever had when running stock.

      I can't think of anything else – apart from simpler / quicker updates as you've mentioned.

  • Brian.G

    I did the redsn0w jailbreak last weekend and overall I've had no problems. Like you I have not gone crazy with installing apps, but I am enjoying 2 things that should be baked into the stock device – backgrounder and statusnotifier. I tried mQuickDo but it seemed buggy and sometimes difficult to activate, so I didn't buy after my trial elapsed. It might not be that it's buggy, but what I found is there are a lot of settings that didn't seem to do what they indicated.

    There have been a couple of random crashes in the native maps app post jailbreak. I'll be using it and *poof* all of the sudden it closes. Not a big deal but definitely not something I was seeing before the jailbreak.

    • I'd say mQucikDo is more 'fiddly' rather than buggy, in my experience – as in, you have to fiddle with it a bit and get used to it to make ti work as you want. Once you do though, it's a superb app IMO.

      I haven't seen any problems with the Maps app as yet – and in fact have been using it heavily just recently as part of testing / comparing a new beta app that uses some mapping features.