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Next-Gen iMac to Have "Compelling" New Features

AppleInsider is reporting that the next-generation iMac will have two “compelling” new features. However, the sources won’t release what those features are. The rest is speculation.

One of those features is said to have long been on the wish-lists of many Mac users while the other is expected to cater to the semi-professional audio/video crowd. This is according to cryptic tips from people often familiar with the Mac maker’s future product initiatives, but who declined to elaborate because they were not authorized to discuss the matter in detail.

The best guess is that one of the new features is a Blu-Ray disc drive. This contradicts what Apple CEO Steve Jobs has said in the past. You know, calling Blu-Ray a “bag of hurt”. With that said, licensing for Blu-Ray has recently seen a change, and licensing was the main reason for Apple avoiding the technology in the first place.

The second piece of speculation regards price. AppleInsider suggest that the new iMac would have similar price reductions as the MacBook Pro line received in June at WWDC. There is also a possibility of a minor redesign to echo the 24″ LED Cinema Displays introduced in October.

My opinion? The Blu-Ray part won’t happen. The market still hasn’t adopted the technology. I do suspect there will be a price reduction. As for the case desing, I’d put it in the “maybe” pile.

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