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eBay Mobile iPhone App Updated With Push Support


eBay’s iPhone App, eBay Mobile, has been updated to include push notifications for outbid and end-of-auction alerts. I haven’t used eBay to buy or sell things in several years (thanks to Craigslist), but I imagine this update will be very useful for those who are active eBay-ers. The update also includes several other enhancements, such as in-app Paypal support.

eBay Mobile 1.4 is available for free in the iTunes App Store (link). You must have an active eBay user account to sign into the app.

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  • whisky96

    unfortunately the PayPal support doesn't work with Buy it now items requiring immediate payment

    • Stinge

      The paypal option really needs to be fixed for the eBay app!!! It sucks that I have to log on and pay for items using my phones web browser. Hopefully they will update and fix this problem.