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A Great App Store Quote from a Great Mobile Developer


Ilium Software have been producing great mobile software “ apps like eWallet, ListPro, and many others “ on nearly every mobile platform for as long as I ‘ve been a mobile enthusiast (which is a long while).  Ellen Craw is one of the founders and head honchos at Ilium “ someone who knows one hell of a lot about the mobile software business.  She ‘s got a good post up this week with a suggestion on a possible way that Apple could handle trial versions in the App Store, and potentially make a lot of users and developers happy.

In the comments on the post, Ellen provides a quote that sums up beautifully how the App Store has transformed the entire mobile apps arena in the last year:

I ‘m a big admirer of Apple for doing stuff they way they want. Of course I don ‘t agree with everything, and of course I hope they change some stuff, but on the whole, they ‘ve done more – much more – for mobile software in the last 13 months than everyone else put together has done in 13 years.

For all the many (often valid) criticisms of the App Store, that is still the bottom line. 

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