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Convertbot – Free For A Limited Time


Convertbot, from Tapbots, is an excellent converter app for the iPhone, with a gorgeous interface, intuitive control elements, and cute sound effects. It features a useful range of the most commonly converted measurements. Using Convertbot, you can convert currency, speeds, time, data storage sizes, and more! More than 440 types of units are included. While not an app that’s likely to get a lot of use, for those times you do need to convert something, Convertbot makes it fun!


And the best part? Though normally priced at $.99, Convertbot is now available, for a limited time, for free! Grab it now while it’s on sale, and then when the time comes that you need to convert your dollars into euros or miles into kilometers or whatever, you’ll have one of the nicest looking converter apps available.

Get Convertbot on the iTunes App Store here.

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  • awesome looking find! now downloading it at high-speed cottage speeds….3kbps…