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Steve Wozniak Has Awesome Business Cards

The geek legend and Apple co-founder was so impressed with the Holograms app for the iPhone, he gave them his business card. This isn’t your daddy’s business card.

The Card itself is made of etched metal with painted lettering. I would hate to know how much those things cost. Also, I bet he can’t carry too many of those things with him at a time, simply because they are so thick and heavy. In return for the card the developer took a picture of Woz and his wife, and turned it into a hologram.

If this developer got the Woz’s blessing, then it will be a success in the App Store.

Do you have any unique business card stories? Leave a comment!

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  • Steve’s card looks amazing.

    Blogging legend, Jeremy ShoeMoney recently had a business card contest and the winning design was pretty impressive. It turned out to be a business card that looks just like a credit card. See it here:

  • A professional business card can do wonders for your reputation in the business world. I particularly like this one due to its quality you can’t get anything more non-perishable than metal! no more ruined cards although not sure about the practicalities in terms of expense and weight in your wallet 😉